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The practice of procuring guest post acceptance and reselling this as a service to clients is called “link begging” and we do not support this in any way. We are, however, connected to a very strong media network and can assist with Google News distribution and other SEO/M services. This is all in support of a healthy, strong media industry that is impartial from mainstream news. does not accept guest contributions from professionals with verified Linkedin profiles and suitable connections as this is a commercial media site. However some of our news partners will, at an appropriate fee, consider such services.

Article submission guidelines and pricing depend on the policies of each of our media properties, as well as Google News guidelines where appropriate. 

Consider the following service:

News channel brand partnership

$3,000.00 / month

Dominate the news headlines for your industry and target audience, slash cost per acquisition and boost ROI: Our research and editorial teams will collaborate to produce trending industry news on your behalf. This will be set up in accordance with the full details specified here


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This monthly package provides  30 000 words of trending industry-specific news articles, produced as a result of intensive collaboration between digital marketing researchers and journalists. It is released on a GoogleNews approved site, at a rate of at least 1 article per day throughout the month.

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