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Targeted Industry News Sponsorship

Be seen as part of the hottest news trends everyday of the week

Google News serves as a vital source of information to more than 400M+ people each month. Through our highly targeted industry news sponsorships, brands have a unique opportunity to reach their most ideal audience based on their interests. 

The fastest way to bypass conventional SEO, drive traffic and boost digital PR

How it works:

Newsfeed marketing is one of the most targeted means of search and content marketing. By sponsoring all industry-specific news pages for a journalist on a specific news site, your brand can reap the benefits without worrying about “pay per click” or “ad fraud” because your banner and call to action is guaranteed to appear on all news articles you sponsor. Here is how it works: 

1. We create industry-specific news

A dedicated journalist will craft 30 000 words of industry news each month, publishing fresh content in the Google Newsfeed each day. Your company banner and call to action is displayed on each news page created for you.

2. As news is shared, your brand appears exclusively

Each time someone visits the news page, shares it, or for whatever reason visits it, your brand will be on display. It is impossible for other brands to advertise on the same news page. Nobody can "bid" or add their banner on your news page.

3. Snowball towards massive brand awareness

Since the Google Newsfeed is interest-based, people who read your news are targeted repeatedly with new related articles. As your news pages gain popularity through search, penetration rates and brand awareness levels start peaking.

Industry Examples:

As one of the most effective content marketing strategies, this can be applied to almost any industry. Examples of clients we assisted successfully include:

Benefits of Targeted Newsfeed Marketing

After setting up your corporate news profile, capable of directing traffic to your site or designated assets, we do the following on an ongoing basis:

Our research team works closely with editorial teams to share insights on audience interests. Contributing journalists are then assigned with breaking news topics to research and report on. News articles are then prioritized for fast distribution to reach your audience.

Your brand can choose to appear as the author/contributor of the news, from where readers can choose to visit your website or be directed to content that will serve to introduce your company to them. Alternatively, a journalist profile can be used, supported by very clear exclusive banners on all the news they create on your behalf. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our news channels offer a flexible approach to channel partnership. We appreciate that different brands would like to engage with audiences in unique ways. Participating brands can gain visibility and traffic in the following ways:

  • News author profile: Our news contributor will act as your assigned staff member so that your brand name appears in every article – even articles that are about your biggest competitor!
  • Permanent company profile: Within the participating news site, your company page will contain a branded profile, with videos of your services, company news and service offers.
  • Banners: A video or banner can be embedded on each article that is created by your brand.

How this translates into traffic and brand awareness:

A targeted reader of a news article will see your profile each day they read related industry news. They will at some point decide to investigate it by following the link – since your brand message will chip away at them daily  (relying on the principles of remarketing).  The link can take the reader to one of several designated places:

  • Your company website
  • A permanent company profile on the news site
  • Your company Linkedin or Facebook page (where audience building is an objective)

Insight driven: By understanding your buyer personas and the trends that appeal to them, our news team works to create authoritative news content they will love.

Combining insights:

We reach way beyond buyer personas, into content that relates to your competitors too. This, combined with buyer-targeting, will do the following:

  • Position you as the industry expert when people evaluate news about the competition
  • Intercept competitor search traffic at critical points to serve your brand message.

The following are facts concerning Google News ranking:

  • Website metrics are irrelevant in determining which articles Google will prioritize
  • The richness and depth of the content is a key factor (hence we consistently outrank CNN and CNBC)
  • Recentness and freshness of content plays a bigger role than the name or prestige of the source
  • SEO ranking has absolutely nothing to do with Google News ranking
  • Google News results are often displayed ahead of ordinary search (organic) results

Due to the above, excellent Google News pitching can instantly bypass the long wait when dealing with the area of competitive SEO, which can take several months to produce results.

Native advertising will achieve the same level of in-depth targeting when done via the Google Newsfeed. However, with most solutions on the market today, the way publishers charge you for native advertising is on average 800% more costly than sponsoring the content within a newsfeed. 

News articles like the ones we will produce are also more trusted than native content due to the way in which it is labelled: The article will not be marked as sponsored, however your banner is marked as advertising, which is necessary for FTC compliance. 

Finally – if you are tired of ad fraud: this is the best solution to bypass invalid clicks and fake bot traffic, because you only pay for the writing: the visibility of your banners are guaranteed across all articles which is sponsored by your brand. 


Microsoft has a channel partnership. Each time there is news about their competitors: Amazon Web Services, new start-ups, Google cloud drive or any news targeted at chief technology officers who make the buying decision, the news is shared by Microsoft Azure. Their branding is therefore displayed alongside ALL major industry news, including that of their competitors.

Taking this a step further, the channel can also share education needs to intercept those who are interested to study a cloud engineering course, thereby developing an early phase to the funnel.

Hilton has a channel partnership, releasing news about high-end travel destinations in 80 countries. They also cover events. Each time delegates search for event information in preparation, whether that be weddings, corporate events or international affairs, Hilton is seen to be covering breaking news – and is therefore first in line to be considered when a purchase decision or evaluation is made.

News companies like Forbes, Entrepreneur, CNN, CNBC, Mashable, TechCrunch and various others rely on GoogleNews for a substantial proportion of their traffic. Much of the benefits experienced from a highly effective news pitch on these sites is derived from their GoogleNews presence. However, they use their social follower numbers and site traffic levels that often pertain to UNRELATED visitors to increase their perceived value with advertisers and news partners.

We have learned the following in working with numerous client examples over the years:

  • The average ROI improvement of a channel partnership is 700% over mainstream channels.
  • Several mainstream NEWS channels are over politicized and can have a negative brand impact.
  • For the price of ONE news release on CNBC or Mashable, clients can do 45 releases on other news channels that are listed on Google News, thereby outperforming them substantially.

Our news writers help your brand to dominate the news headlines – by producing industry-specific news for everyone who has an interest in a specific topic. 

Most of the time, one authoritative, informative article of 2500 words will gain more attention than 100 small articles of 250 words, where the total word count is 25 000.

In reality, for certain topics and breaking news headlines, there is not much more than 250 words available – as more news is often awaited. For this reason, our content specialists will work at achieving a variety of content: some will be substantial, authoritative articles, whereas others will be short, punchy titles.

The objectives may therefore vary between:

  • Attempts to outrank the biggest names in the media with more authoritative content
  • Attempts to merely capture some market share for trending topics where little is known


In either case, fake news is certainly not a strategy as we seek to preserve editorial integrity and brand perception. 

It is entirely possible to create news about your competitors brand names, the entire industry – and about any other search terms constitutes “affinity” content.

Example 1: If electric car brand A wishes to capture a large portion of the in-market segment of search users who are shopping for a new EV, they would write articles about the latest models produced by Tesla, BMW, Ford and Mercedes to make sure that their banner is clearly displayed on competitor-related content. 

We have numerous other strategies which can be applied here – perhaps way too crafty and strategic for public consumption.