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attribution modelling

Analytic Partners is a global marketing analytics company that was founded in 2000 to deliver customized analytics that improve sales performance and marketing ROI, Analytic Partners provides results-oriented marketing consulting for you to gain more impact from your marketing and sales programs and to improve your customer experiences. It has its headquarters in New York City, with offices in Europe and Asia-Pacific. The company employs 137 people, is steered by its CEO, Nacy Smith, and generates 55% revenue from software and 45% from its services provided. Its clients are in the financial services, travel and hospitality, and retail sector.

However, Analytic Partners’ software is an example of using both attribution and marketing mix modelling solutions to measure the impact of marketing and media efforts, and suggest ways to improve that impact. In fact, the company is focused on Marketing mix modelling (MMM), uses Multitouch Attribution (MTA) to expand the scope and precision of their measurement. That is since, this top-down approach of marketing mix modelling is aimed at measure the high-level impact of a range of marketing and media tactics on your business, thereby ignoring the impact of individuals. MTA, however, providers support the analysis of the large amounts of data generated by digital media, particularly paid search, display advertisements and email. MTA methods require collecting information about individual consumers over time. This information ideally includes every exposure the consumer has had to a marketer’s messages and his/her response (including no response).

MMM and MTA have different strengths and uses that can be complementary, but are also difficult to combine. However, Analytic Partners seems to have the combination of technology and consultative expertise to solve these challenges. Such as this company offers skilled support for business consulting, complex on boarding, setup and modelling. Plus, Analytic Partners offers software for modelling, workflow and marketing planning.

That is since, Analytic Partners is a global marketing analytics company that leverages adaptive modelling techniques and tools to help companies generate better marketing return on investment (ROI) and, ultimately, grow closer to their customers. We work with marketers to build deep knowledge about brands, customers and competitors that is converted into sound strategies aimed at improving business performance. This solution aids the world’s top companies drive growth through successfully identifying marketing-driven revenue opportunities, better understanding their customers and providing new means of competitive advantage.

Analytic Partners’ solution is modeled on theories of Machine Learning and Hidden Markov chains. Machine learning uses algorithms that learn from experience to solve problems. Solutions are expressed in the form of models that can be used to make predictions or find underlying structures in data. Most of the techniques described in this research note fall under the umbrella of machine learning. Hidden Markov chains is a model for randomly changing systems that assumes the Markov property; the future state depends only on the current state not on the events before it. In a Hidden Markov Model (HMM) the state changes are hidden (can’t be observed) but correlate with a variable that can be observed.

The edge that Analytic Partners have is that the company stresses the quality of its data science team and its rigorous internal and client training program. Its historical focus on MMM across industries and regions gives it broad-based experience. Proprietary historical data informs its models.

This solution should be considered if you an enterprise marketer with complex digital and offline data and modelling requirements; and if you value a collaborative, longer-term relationship that can encompass elements of business strategy and multiple geographies.

In May 2017, Analytic Partners announced that it would be working with Facebook to Improved Measurement and would became its official Facebook MMM partner. In fact Analytic Partners was among the first firms to be able to access information directly from Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network on behalf of their clients. This will allow for more accurate and actionable insights for advertisers who engage in cross-channel measurement and planning. This data will be incorporated into Analytic Partners’ ongoing and future analytic engagements, along with clients’ own secure, proprietary data. These enhanced capabilities will be available for all Analytic Partners clients who leverage Facebook properties for marketing and advertising.

In summary, Analytic Partners delivers results-oriented strategic consulting services, marketing analytics and software tools to support our clients business planning and strategy needs. Our key services including marketing mix modeling, multi-touch attribution, unified measurement, custom analytics, and software tools are designed to:

• Improve marketing ROI
• Optimize advertising spend
• Maximize promotion effectiveness
• Guide pricing decisions
• Support business planning
• Create competitive advantage

Adriaan Brits

Adriaan Brits

Adriaan Brits is the CEO of He works with clients around the world on digital marketing strategy and PR. When it comes to scaling a business, he is one of the top 10 consultants with the biggest media list globally.

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