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C3 Metrics, an attribution modelling solution in a nutshell

Attribution modelling solution

C3 Metrics is a privately owned company that started in 2008. Currently this company, with its headquarters based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire in the United States of America, has a company size of 29 employees, and is led by its CEO, and co-founder, Mark Hughes.

The company has a revenue split 95% from software and 5% from services. Its clients are from travel, hospitality, retail (particularly e-commerce businesses) travel, education, automotive, drug companies, ecommerce, insurance, retail, financial services, high-tech/B2B, and CPG industries. And the client names include those of GNC, The Hartford, Carbonite, including Nielsen, eBay, PepsiCo and DoubleClick.

C3 Metrics is an independent Multitouch Attribution (MTA) provider that stresses its rapid data collection and advanced data filtering that reduce hygiene problems endemic to programmatic media. C3 Metrics offers view ability filters to reduce “false positives” caused by spurious not viewed and fraudulent impressions. In addition to data filtering, C3 Metrics offers its own cross-device identity matching. C3 Metrics also offers some proprietary media performance benchmarks.

The business functions as a media analytics company, which provides a media measurement attribution platform. Its multi-dimensional machine-learning Bayesian algorithm enables advertisers to realize a 15% – 44% improvement in return on investment (ROI). It should be defined that Machine learning uses algorithms that learn from experience to solve problems. Solutions are expressed in the form of models that can be used to make predictions or find underlying structures in data. Most of the techniques described in this research note fall under the umbrella of machine learning. As such, this tool including cross-device and view ability validation, to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of online and offline media. Credit is determined algorithmically by analysing 100% of the data, including converting and non-converting paths down to the keyword level. An emphasis is placed on media that performs fastest.

The speed is also C3 Metrics’ edge. That is since C3 Metrics claims to integrate data within four to 10 days of the start of the engagement, under benevolent conditions. Marketers can anticipate seeing some results within 30 days.

However, it should also be mentioned that is not just speed that 3C Metrics has to offer, but also accuracy. In 2017, the company was awarded first place in the Attribution Vendor Scorecard, the most accurate solution by TBR Independent Research, the Global 250 Winner of AlwaysOn and the Global Winner of the Red Herring 100. That is since, C3 Metrics’ platform incorporates Programmatic Relay and Programmatic X-Ray technology, which monitors programmatic vendors and use real-time feedback to ensure bidding algorithms and the platform uses more accurate data.

This solution is, therefore, a must to consider if you invest significantly in performance media, don’t have a big attribution budget, and would like a solution independent of your analytics platform or media providers; or you are focused on lead generation and e-commerce, and require quick time to value.

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