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5 cheap and easy shopping cart solutions for your business

Shopping Cart Solutions

Smaller and home based e-commerce traders are now able to trade, by affordable, fully serviced e-commerce providers. These short cart solutions currently available has taken away the fear of designing a website with a shopping cart and credit card processing abilities. Equally, you can set up your own site, easily and without any programming or HTML background. The ease is made possible by providers that include everything you need, from hosting, the design templates and all of these can be integrated into your own website as well as social media platforms.

Here are 5 easy, cheap, e-commerce shopping cart solutions for your home business that you can manage yourself.

1 Create your e-commerce store with Shopify

A highly recommended e-commerce solution and hosting, is Shopify. This solution provides users with a wide selection of tools and features to aid them to create and operate e-commerce sites in person. This app based solution offers a Shopify App store, similar to the Apple App store, where users can select, and shop for add-on application to customize their own e-commerce site. For instance, users can buy buttons for Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

It’s easy to see why more than 120 000 stores worldwide are using this app. Chiefly, it allows for offline retail. Plus, the software offers benefits such as fast and easy setup of a responsive and attractive e-commerce site. There is a good choice of professionally designed themes. They will host your site, so all technical issues are theirs and you can focus on selling your products. They also offer their users 42/7 customer support, fraud protection s and options for credit card processing.

Extra features include the ability to automatically recover abandoned carts, and users can import big catalogues fast. There is a marketing feature for users of the app. No wonder this app has been awarded the Best eCommerce Software 2016 Award and the Supreme Software 2016 Award.

Shopify’s plans start at $9, but it is for Shopify Lite, which is gear at you sell on Facebook alone. Other plans start at $29 per month but that includes unlimited products, and more features:

• Free trial
• Unlimited products
• 24/7 support
• Discount codes
• Website/blog
• 100+ themes
• Mobile commerce
• Social media integration
• Email marketing

2 Create your e-commerce store with Volusion

You can create an e-commerce site with Volusion that is affordable and easy to use. The Volusin software provides a simple design wizard, allowing users to customize the app so that it represents their brand identity. The designs themselves are designed to be responsive, thereby can be used on desktop or on mobile platforms. The app also includes extra features like marketing and shopping tools, for example features for order tracking, shipping, inventory management and other processes. Plus, users can install templates without any coding knowledge.

Volusin provides each user an account manager based in Austin, Texas for customer support, as well as fraud protection for the customers, and different credit card processing options that includes accepting PayPal payments.

The plans at Volution starts at $14 per month, but higher packages offer more features. The lowest plan features include:

• There is an option of a free 14 day trial
• 100 products
• Unlimited storage
• No transaction fees
• 1GB bandwidth
• Online support
• Mobile commerce
• Responsive templates
• Free slideshow
• Mobile app
• Facebook store
• Social media tools
• Automatic tax rates

3 Create your e-commerce store with Fortune3

This solution offers 6 plans, starting at $9.95 per month. Plus, this shopping cart solution offers gift cards, and the ability to sell and accept gift certificates. What else is useful, is that it allows for Facebook shopping integration, email marketing and that you can set up an affiliate program. This solution beats its competition by offering all its features in all the plans. The escalating costs of the plans are merely determined by the number of products. There lowest plan offers:

• $9.95 per month (30-day free trial)
• 20 products
• Unlimited support
• No set-up fee
• Unlimited storage and bandwidth
• No transaction fee when you use Fortune3 credit card services

4 Create your e-commerce store with 3dcart

The 3dcart shopping cart software, although for businesses of all sizes, those selling larger amounts of products will prefer this e-commerce platform. 3dcart offers cost-effective and scalable product plans. Its main features include the inclusion of marketing and order management tools. The other benefits are that it gives sellers a platform to sell their products online and provides customers an easy way to order online. You can use the app’s secure administration interface to control your e-commerce system, tax calculators, shipping carriers and more. Plus, you can access the software, invoices, shop inventory, and customer data securely from any device connected to the internet.

3dcart’s packages differ in price. The more you pay, the more features are included, like live chat, Quickbook connector, and integration with Amazon and eBay. But their mini plan offers:

• $19.99 per month (you can test with a free trial)
• 200 products
• Up to 4000 visits a month
• $25 in free ad credits
• Social media connectivity
• No transaction fees
• 24/7 technical support

5 Create your e-commerce store with Big Commerce

As shopping cart solutions go, Big Commerce is a well-priced and a fully stocked e-commerce service provider. This solution provides different credit card processing features, fraud protection, and a good choice of customizable website design themes (both free and paid themes), all designed for a responsive platform. Big Commerce assists its users to sell physical and digital goods, plus it offers marketing add-ons that can help to increase your reach and you can make use of their partnership with delivery and shipping services.

This solution does offer a good array of support options, as well as displaying your products in different ways. Plus, it offers unlimited products, storage and bandwidth, and the ability to sell on Pinterest and Facebook, over and above Google Stores on the bigger, Pro and Enterprise plans. Their plans start at $29.95, which includes a 15 day free trail:

• Unlimited products
• Sales up to $50k per year
• 24.7 live agent support
• 100+ design templates
• Social media connectivity
• Mobile ecommerce

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