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Adriaan Brits

I'm Adriaan Brits, a digital and strategic marketing consultant, Linkedin learning instructor and outreach media owner. I authored the popular Linkedin course "Digital Marketing Research" with more than 120 000 enrolments to date. I help businesses and agencies plan their PR and media buying: See my boutique marketing agency at www.adriaanbrits.com and connect with me on Linkedin

5 Types of remarketing you can tap into

Before you would set up a remarketing campaign, it is worth considering the 5 different types of remarketing that is available with Google. I would certainly suggest you find live examples in order to understand  how each campaign would appear to potential customers.  When we set up such a campaign for your business, I …

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5 Steps to beat ad fraud: From a PPC expert

Ad fraud or accidental clicks is a serious challenge we face in Digital Marketing. So just how big an issue is it that we’re facing in the industry? It is estimated that the budget blackhole could be in excess of $30 Billion per annum worldwide with up to 40% of …

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Pay per click management: A typical day at work

I’d like to talk you through the typical process that needs to be followed for PPC management. Let’s start with your business needs: you want to connect with thousands of new customers online and experience above average results. To do this you need marketing campaign specialists to bring a tactical …

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Google DFP Ad exchange for media buyers

The starting point for many PPC professionals who progress into programmatic media buying is Google DFP. That said, there are many alternatives including Adroll – and even programmatic options via Linkedin for B2B marketing. Start with the video below:

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