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Five Tips For Low-Cost Digital Marketing Campaigns

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Five Tips For Low-Cost Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing has proved to be heavily effective for businesses all across the globe, allowing them to enhance their online presence across the web. It’s no secret that digital marketing campaigns can cost a lot of money, with both SEO and PPC campaigns requiring a lot of funding in order to obtain successful results, whether that’s achieved via crowdfunding or even by selling your bag to a pawn Louis Vuitton specialist! Despite this, there are still many other ways to ensure your digital marketing campaign is a success, all for a conveniently low cost.

  1. Enter Digital Marketing Awards

While this particular method won’t guarantee you promising results, it’s a great low-cost digital marketing campaign for those with very little to spare. Entering an award is usually free, however there are several within the industry for you to choose from! If you’re lucky enough to win an award, you’re more than welcome to shout it from the rooftops across all of your online platforms, encouraging more and more people to utilise your services or purchase your products. What’s more is that you may even receive press coverage for your win, so you never know where this may take you!

  1. Utilise Social Media Channels

Considering that over 80% of B2B marketers own at least one social media channel, it’s about time that you jumped on the bandwagon yourself! Social media is completely free (unless you decide to boost your posts), allowing you to optimise your online presence without spending a single penny. In order to make your digital marketing campaign successful across your social media channels, it’s paramount that you keep them updated regularly, posting content that’s valuable to your readers yet interesting to outsiders too!

  1. Start A Hashtag Campaign

To build more specifically on the previous point, starting a hashtag campaign is a great way not only to involve your loyal customers, but also to reach out to new, potential ones. On channels such as Instagram and Twitter especially, hashtag campaigns can be a highly effective way of increasing the amount of reach and engagement you receive. For optimal results, it’s important that you use a hashtag that’s bespoke to your business, and correlate it with a competition you may be offering, or maybe even a video series to help make your digital marketing campaign a successful one.

  1. Create An Email Newsletter

People may believe that email marketing is dead, but in truth, email marketing is still a highly effective way to engage your loyal customer base, regarding that you adhere to the upcoming GDPR regulations. By creating a weekly email newsletter, you’re able to communicate regularly with your customers, providing them with contemporary news and fresh new content from your business. Something to consider when creating an email newsletter is to ensure it’s personalised – an email marketing template might cost a little extra, however it’s worth it for those extra engagement points.

  1. Build Relationships On Forums

Building relationships with your customers is essential if you want to retain them, and posting information on forums can be a great way to do that, for free! This proactive method of relationship building allows you to answer any industry-related queries from potential clients who are interested in your product or service. With this digital marketing method, you’re able to show your expertise by offering valuable insights and knowledge about the industry, as well as showing your dedication to help out others – it’s a win-win! One way of boosting forum visibility is no doubt through the use of the sitetrail press engine as it put’s your brand right up there with mainstream journalists. This effort can be enhanced also with Video marketing since most video platforms have excellent forum discussions.

There’s no denying the success that can bounce off of an effective digital marketing campaign. With numerous methods out there completely free of charge for you to choose from, you can rest assured that your online presence will be improved in no time at all.

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