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6 key questions to asked before hiring a PPC agency

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Hiring a PPC agency based on their promises might not be a process that builds confidence. There is a risk and even worse a massive loss if you make a poor decision. The worse said, it does not need to be. What is needed are a small number of fundamental questions you should ask to vet the company before you sign a contract with them. So, if you can answer the questions then you will be ready to begin with a PPC agency. On the other hand, if you are not then you might have to review your needs and goals and maybe first wait a bit till you are ready.

Tell us about your business

What problems are you wanting to resolve?

Ask yourself why do you want to hire a PPC company? Most people would say they want to increase their revenue and at the same time save money. Most likely their in house facility would not be able to produce the outcomes as what a PPC agency might. But there are other reasons why you might need outsourced assistance. These could be that you lack the experience or qualifications in the field of PPC. In addition, you might not have the time or having a company that can suggest alternative and stronger strategies is needed. Therefore, you need to answer why you want to appoint a PPC agency based on your unique needs. Dealing with marketing agencies, like that of, will solve your concerns, as these sort of agencies will base a PPC campaign around your needs.

Answering what you company is doing, from the service or products they are providing, to why they are in business is important, is a good starting point. But you should focus on how does your offering appeal to your target market. These offering could mean people could save funds, time or add value to their business. When you are able to answer what then you should move over to who. Here the ‘who’ is your target audience that will make use of your services or buy your products.

Why are you a superstar?

You should understand why people will pick you over your competitors. These could be your unique properties to your services and goods like superior reliability, efficiency, or larger accomplishment proportions. That what makes you stand ahead of your competitors is the one pillar of PPC and any other direct-response marketing to articulate why you are the best is needed. If, however, you are unable to tell the potential PPC agency that, they will not be able to make your case compelling to your customers.

The PPC questions

Once you have reflected on your business identity then are able to answer them with confidence then there are some PPC questions that you should also review.

What are your growth goals?

Most would start by saying to increase revenue and lower costs, but that’s a normal business auto-reply. Rather make it a clear monthly, quarterly or even annual goals. These will aid your new agency to select a strategic plan that is geared towards meeting your pre-planned goals.

What is your starting paid search budget?

Depending if you have an un-flexible or a flexible budget, there is a factor of what your monthly budget will be. An agency will also be able to adopt and would be able to tailor a solution that works with your budget. But be fair, if you set the budget too low then you might not be able to get what your goal demands. In such a case you might have to review your budget. Alternatively look out for an agency that does not tie you down with lengthy contracts. This will allow for flexibility.

What additional services do you need?

You might need extra services from your PPC agency, such as a landing page or banner ads for retargeting on tools like Google Display Network. Also, you might need the expert advice and skills that a PPC specialist can offer when dealing with Google Analytics and how it integrates with AdWords, or Bing Ad, or even the difficult Adobe Analytics. But be honest, and tell your PPC agency what skills you really have, and what skills you need to outsource.

Just remember that there are many types of PPC agencies, all on different levels. Certain have devoted in-house analytics experts, designers, paid social professionals, or platform partnership relationships such as a Google Partner status, whereas others do not. An example of a success marketing agency would that, which has a track record of more than 100 clients around the world which success rate and specific attention to growth targets sets them apart of the competition.

So knowing what you need, and what you want to ask your potential PPC agency, and what role they will be fulfilling will not just help you but also the agency. By having clearly-articulated replies for the questions in this post ahead of starting your hunt you’ve got a much better chance of picking the agency that’s right for your explicit needs, while also reducing the chance of mistakes and confusions what each ones roles will be.

Short description of

This marketing agency are known for running successful Google AdWords, BingAds, Linkedin and Facebook campaigns that provide businesses with thousands of new clients each year. As marketing campaign specialists, they have overseen substantial B2B and B2C accounts for more than 100 clients around the world. It is their success rate and specific attention to the client’s growth targets is what differentiate them from their competitor’s.

This agency intensely focuses on better conversions and returns: Helping their business increase their ROI online and reduce wastage that is typical with online advertising. Acquire new customers and re-engage old leads through efficient multi-channel campaigns. Plus, in terms of performance, they have the expertise to deliver campaigns that work based on the clients profile. In addition, there is no need to be locked into lengthy contracts with their flexible monthly options.

The company also provides guaranteed direct savings. That is they do not receive any commission from ad agencies for programmatic media buying, effectively passing on any savings directly to the client. In the process of scaling up a client’s business, it is common to see a reduction in acquisition cost as selectively targeting and optimization increases.

The agency’s typical client spend anywhere between $3000 and $75 000/month via online advertising, spread across multiple ad networks. Working with this agency is incredibly insightful as they provide transparent reporting systems to keep the client informed each step of the way, throughout the lifetime of the client’s campaign.

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