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Search engines will remain relevant if they can truely provide the consumer with what they search for – and comply with the growing needs of regulators that has the power to disrupt. Your business will remain in the search engines if you really understand how to break with pay per click dependency and navigate rapidly to provide precisely what people search for – backed by a good business model to deliver service that will lead to customer satisfaction.

Industry-specific SEO domination really depend on two things. Firstly, as we’ll discuss, it is about process integration to provide a competitive edge. Secondly, about in-depth industry knowledge. Aligning SEO / search engine marketing activities closely with that of PR and content marketing is an essential strategy for every business. This is because it secures a better ROI on marketing spend and provide a shield against unpredictable policy changes from Google (the largest but most volatile) and Bing (the smallest and more predictable search engine).

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When SEO activities integrate with the overall content marketing plan, it plays out to deliver several specific benefits:

  1. Referral traffic increases: often to the extent that it overtakes organic search traffic which is the ultimate position of safety and long-term stability for a digital world.
  2. Brand building and reputation management become fused: Forget for a moment that the purpose of SEO is to rank on top of Google for a search term – there is more you need to achieve. Replacing any negative content, including poor reviews – with more accurate PR information about your business and recent changes you made to improve it. Sharing the brand story with the wider world via an omni-channel PR approach as opposed to just one domain or blog is the only way to win with reputation management.
  3. Organic positions improve: Not only the number one position on Google, which we’re all pre-occupied with, but also a multitude of longtail search phrases trigger impressions and visitors to your website. The result of this, is increased organic traffic for multiple products and services – and multiple keyword phrases, along with image search results from Google.
  4. Your dependency on GoogleAds reduce: Google Ads (Adwords) is an amazing way to drive short-term results, but ultimately you want to break out of the pack and reduce your dependency on this channel. Only sound content marketing, integrated with SEO & PR, can do this for your business.

Now that you’re on board with process integration – and obviously appreciate the benefits of complete end to end management as opposed to limited in-house efforts, let’s explore some of the industries that dominates as a service provider.

In-depth industry-specific SEO in focus:

Today, we lead SEO campaigns from on-site planning to off-site for several key industries. As someone who started with SEO in 2006, narrowly focussed on Education & Training, I never imagined that by 2012 we’d own soch a wide variety of media – and that by 2018, we would have served S&P 500 clients across 18 industries on a regular basis. Our collaboration with industry-experts and media acquisition to drive industry-specific SEO enabled us to transfer generic search engine marketing knowledge towards specific sectors and drill down to what really matters. Below I’d like to comment on some of the things where we’ve achieved exceptional results for our clients: 

SEO for Legal / Financial / Investing:

Both as media owners in this sphere – and collaborators with key journalists, we’re able to significantly increase the business that lawyers, financial advisors and investment consultants obtain through digital marketing and SEO. This industry has been disrupted profoundly given the ability for online reviews and anonymous content pieces to share information. This means, more than ever, that practitioners should start first by ensuring they deliver a highly ethical service, stick to quotes without unfair price increases – and be great at relationship management. Without these elements, investing in SEO and Digital Marketing will yield a lower return – although it remains the most critical element for business growth.

SEO for Medical / Health / Pharmaceutical / Alternative Medicine / Fitness:

Our ownership stake in several medical magazines give us strong influence in this industry. With that comes a great deal of responsibility. We’ve turned a few ordinary Doctors into medical celebrities by pitching them to the right audience as experts – and linking their names to key health issues that Americans and Europeans grapple with. We’ve helped medical clinics and Doctors clean up their reputation and gave them a clean slate to write on, in a world where the press is often so unfair against them. But more than anything, we helped people find solutions that are perfect for their health condition by presenting a wide range of choices to them. Not all our clients fit into the standard FDA compliant box: we’re a global marketing agency providing global options. It is therefore normal that besides dentists, specialists surgeons and ordinary Doctors in the US, we also work with bariatric surgeons in Mexico, Ibogaine rehab centers who help victims of the opioid crisis in the US break free – and international dental clinics who help people access premium care for less. Yes, as global medical tourism takes off, our responsibility as media owners and marketing professionals increase: We do have a moral obligation to present the public with accurate information.

Travel / Tourism / Luxury Travel / Medical Tourism:

New segments are opening up in the world as we’ve never seen before. Fragmentation towards a multichannel or omnichannel approach is happening fast. Yes, and Airbnb are dominant, but with so many other channels and influence drivers, SEO and digital marketing integration for the tourism sector is completely unavoidable.


SEO for high tech & science:

Whether it is crypto, cloud, apps or cybersecurity: we’re in with some of the biggest media names in TECH. This means, that if your tech start-up wants to go mainstream and dominate a segment of the market – we can drive such results with a combination of focussed efforts. Marketing in TECH is different than conventional sectors simply because often the search terms are new. Demand-generation for new trends rely on different tactics – which is where a team of Sitetrail growth hackers can make a difference.

SEO for restaurants and hotels:

Indeed these businesses fit well into the tourism and leasure segment, however their PR needs are hugely different to that of many business types. Add to that the need of a customer to find mobile-specific results when they are out there searching for an immediate location-specific service, it requires a different approach. Indeed reviews, articles, images, videos, coupled with the marketplace effect of larger platforms as well as link-building, all interact in a very unique way to differentiate the digital marketing strategy.


Unfair SEO advantages? You decide:

Our media-ownership strategy is aligned with the needs of our clients. If our clients expand in any direction, we acquire, own and develop media in that area. Yes, this creates somewhat of an unfair advantage because your competitors cannot easily gain access to the same media sites. They cannot earn links and SEO benefits that are on par with you – and that is where you win with online visibility.

Choosing the best SEO option: our position is this:

  1. Ethical and legal compliance across industry is something we strive to uphold, since our activities converge with that of public media regulation. However, all is fair in love and war – and that means in business too. This means that your choice on which media owners you align yourself with, will determine how well you beat the competition and own your market.
  2. Reverse-engineering of several annual reports confirm that integrated SEO and Digital Marketing (even excluding pay per click) is a multi-billion dollar activity – and a crucial investment. Being stingy on this is not even a consideration for market leaders.
  3. As Bill Gates said many years before he entered the media business with Bing and Linkedin: “I don’t like spending a lot of money on clothes or jewelry,” but he said “If I was down to my last dollar, it would be spend on advertising.”

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