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Improved metrics

We drive more revenue for your business, help you build, manage and maintain an online reputation. Build consistent and reliable referral traffic.

Gain influence fast

Get fast unrivaled results from our industry experience and connections

Efficient content marketing

Get the most effective media outreach and content marketing strategy

Pitched with success

Successfully pitched to journalists and media owners. Be seen in premium news and influencer sites

Press release service - Be seen in the media

White hat SEO practitioners use various terminologies to describe it: “Native advertising, Online PR & Press releases, Link building for SEO agencies, Blogger outreach & blog writing services, Influencer outreach, etc”. The most desired outcome is improved online visibility and quality efforts that avoid any Google penalties.

The purpose of leveraging combined guest posts and influencer marketing is twofold:

  1. To build stable, predictable referral traffic from good sources
  2. Significantly improve rankings from both Google and Bing

Any smart PR campaign is therefore not blatantly aimed at manipulating search results: This is merely a by-product of successful tactics.

Benefit from highly skilled writers with English as a first language for all your content marketing: Google is focusing heavily on prioritizing authentic content and applying penalties to automated, computer-generated news and content. This is where the Sitetrail team makes a qualitative difference for our clients.

Our content and digital PR work is like money in the bank!

With online PR there are three essential ingredients you need to be Google friendly:

  • Influential industry journalists and bloggers
  • Relevant, trusted authority websites with good metrics
  • Carefully crafted content with contextual, non-spammy links

Real journalism and earned links from quality sources: 

Our press engine connects you to important journalists, bloggers and great publishing sites – and, the process is 100% managed. Included are top news sites, industry sites and highly authoritative web resources.

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Google News Release
$ 99
  • 1000 Words content
  • Written by our newsdesk
  • Fast turnaround
  • Google News Inclusion
  • Low SEO Value
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3 X TOP News sites

DA91 + DA60 + DA28
$ 1500
  • 3000 Words content
  • Written by our news desk
  • Strong DO-Follow links
  • Google News Inclusion
  • Strong SEO Value
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4 X News releases

Weekly release, monthly package
$ 800 Monthly
  • 4000 Words content
  • Written by our newsdesk
  • Weekly news presence
  • Google News Inclusion


Useful facts about high ROI with digital PR:

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Pay per click is merely a short term fix, since the moment it is turned off, traffic stops. A combination of earned and owned media, powered by Google News sites and other partners with high a high DA and other metrics is therefore required to deliver sustained results, even if you stop a campaign due to budget reviews.

To achieve high referral traffic and brand awareness consider this package. 

To achieve medium traffic levels and SEO benefits consider this package. 

For maximum SEO & News visibility consider this package. 

Combining the above packages will deliver results equal to what a $60 000 campaign via Forbes or CNN will yield.


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US elections taught the advertising world one thing: That a large combination of small channels can yield superior results over a handful mainstream channels. We have consistently seen how a budget that is split among smaller affordable channels, beat expensive posts on Forbes, Mashable, CNN, CNBC and so forth.

Dispersed search results spread by a wider network of Google News indexed sites drive better results at a fraction of the cost. 


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By being visible repeatedly on a specific news channel where your target audience obtain their industry news, it is a form of remarketing that is less invasive of their privacy since the user is not tracked programatically.

How is this achieved? 

Read more how we achieve this with news channel partnerships


We leverage strong media connections, tactical execution, backed by excellent authentic copy and research designed to reach your target audience.