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Link Building

Earn high domain authority links – 100% White Hat, Fully Managed. 

A fully managed approach to Enterprise-level link building. Attract organic links in any niche and scale up your business, led by one of the most trusted experts in SEO link building.  

Please read all our FAQ’s before ordering.

How Link Building Grows Your Business

Our Fully Managed Service

For a fixed monthly management fee we will track competitor links and recommend unique links your competitors don’t have. Included in your service will be a minimum of two new links per month which we will place. Decide how many links to acquire each month and dynamically snap up new link opportunities as we find them and suggest it to you. This is how it works:

1. Link Trace

We will find link opportunities on a weekly basis and suggest them to you. A minimum of 2 links will be added - included in your monthly plan.

2. Dynamically Scale

As we identify additional link opportunities, we will present it to you with transparent additional cost. This enable you to scale up or down instantly.

3. Progress Tracking

We will keep track of all your links on a dedicated client sheet in real-time. Maintain a clear view of current and future link prospects and achievements.

The Anatomy Of High Quality Links:

Not all links are good for your business. A high quality link that could benefit website SEO and ranking have several requirements

Contextual Relevance

The context in which a link occurs, is either based on a highly relevant page of web content in a news or blog article, or strategically placed within a super-related domain or community.

Domain Authority

The quality of a website is indicated by specific metrics that can be measured. The DR/DA metric of host websites should typically range from DR40+ to DR90+

Trusted by Industry Leaders

If other top ranking sites in an industry similar to yours have links from a domain and it did not harm them, it is highly indicative of being "penalty-safe" and trusted.

Your Business in Safe Hands

Over the past 15 years we served more than 6000 businesses in the U.S, U.K, Israel, Australia and all across Asia. We delivered more than $1Billion in client revenue across all sectors. Adriaan Brits, the CEO of Sitetrail has a MSC in Digital Marketing, taught SEO and Analytics for Linkedin Learning and guided numerous unicorn startups on their path to success. We have lived through every Google algorithmic update, saw the effect of all penalties and updates over the years - and have experience in managing SEO through the most challenging circumstances in competitive industries.

Below we will explain some of the most common questions about this service and about link building in general. Please read through it before signing up. New clients may also schedule a free call before joining us.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with high-quality web assets to build authoritative links. A healthy link profile will always consist of a mixture of links so that you do not create a predictable pattern that can be interpreted as manipulation. Examples include:

  • Editorial updates to already trusted content on the web, where your link is added as a “trusted resource”. 
  • New written content that will link to your website landing pages, along with other authority links such as Forbes, Wikipedia or other industry leaders and academic research links that are 100% natural.
  • New thought leadership expressed in industry news outlets.

Our job is to find you the best, most relevant links immediately as they become available on an ongoing basis. Clients can choose how much they wish to spend as every opportunity we find, is communicated transparently. 

The minimum spend is $199/month for two links. This can be scaled up to ANY level, for example $500, $1K, $20K, $50K depending on the opportunities we find and your goals each month. 

If you choose not to scale it up, we will just maintain a steady flow of at least two new links per month.

Each new opportunity we find will be communicated to you via email and added to the client tracking sheet. 

Even if we have a video call and a new opportunity is identified and agreed on, it will be confirmed via email by our case manager and accepted via a client confirmation email before it is added to your bill. 

It is essential to go after 10% of competitor links and around 90% new, unique links where possible. This ratio will vary in narrow niches and small states or countries. You can rest assured that besides going after some established competitor links, we have a 15 year history in the industry, with some very strong media connections. 

Our established media partners, journalists and industry authors combined are capable of delivering strong and unique high domain authority links for all our clients. 

Our average customer relationship for link building is 24 months. SEO link building is a never-ending game. If you want to “try” this for just a month and think $199 and 30 days will be a magic bullet, perhaps this is not for you. In practice, this is how it works:

  • A steady link velocity should be maintained, whether that is 15, 30 or 100 links per month. Some months can be higher, others lower to make it look “natural”. But doing 50 links in one month and then waiting 4 months before resuming, is not advisable. 
  • The budget you have and the competitor gap analysis are indicators of how quickly results can be seen. 
  • Beyond competitor gaps comes overall industry competition levels and “keyword difficulty” levels – all which are unique factors. 

Provided that you work with a quality link building company and attract decent links, it is a long game: it is a war, not a fight. 

We use the best in-class SEO research tools to evaluate link quality and relevance, using metrics such as domain authority/ranking, relevance, traffic trend and levels. We track down the best links in your industry.

Absoutely yes. We believe that EAT ratings are essential and therefore we never engage in “content spinning” or “AI produced content”.  We do not support automated link building and advise all our clients against any such schemes or technology. 

First of all, you do not “buy links” and most credible media owners do not “sell links”. In reality, the effort required to procure coverage in top-tier media sites is proportionately higher than less notable sites. 

It is well-documented by industry researchers that “the average cost per link is $300”, however this can be deceiving because if a client seeks to build only DA0 to DA50 links, we might get 3 X links for $300, reducing the effective cost to $100 per link.

Similarly, in a case where a client only wishes to have top-tier media sites with 1M+ traffic and DA90+ then the cost can rise and $750 to $3000 per link can be quite normal. 

We will always attempt to find you the most competitive rate in the market – and share the cost with you transparently, upfront.

For the extra opportunities we find, you have the ability to hand-pick each link. 

For the basic 2 links per month that are included in our standard service, it is down to our discretion – and you trust us to do this on your behalf. 

This service is on a monthly rolling plan which can be cancelled anytime by sending us a simple email. If you cancel, we will not bill you for another month. Only the services which you ordered for the current month will be completed.

There is no minimum contract – our clients stay with us because they are happy with the results and service. 

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Please read all our FAQ’s before ordering.

Client testimonials - 98% of our clients return:

CWCEO at Chillweb design group
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Adriaan and team are outstanding professionals. Delivered exactly as promised and well worth every dollar. Highly recommended!
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We worked with Adriaan on several projects now, - Great results, no complaints - Easy to work with, and professional service - Delivers on time
FydcoinFydCoin Crypto group
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There are levels to writing: The journalist went above and beyond to write a great article. Highly recommend and will order again! Thank you!
D. Pollock
D. Pollock
Board member, Outsourcing group
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We were picked up by at least 50+ news channels and were very happy with these results. Highly recommended. Quick and communicative.
Film producer, Los Angeles
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Love Adriaan!!! We've done several projects together and he's simply the best. Very hard-working, quick, wonderful person to work with and know! 10 out of 10 stars!

150 Film stars, 45 Film producers, 250 law firms, 120 SEO agencies and 25 hotel groups can’t be wrong. Try our service today and see for yourself.



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