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ON-site content writing service: Blog writing & website content

Obtain long-form authority content: guides, blog posts, white papers, thought leadership

Competitor research & content planning using professional tools

100% Copyscape certified and SEO optimized with internal linking for rapid indexing

Welcome to Content Marketing PRO from Sitetrail: A unique service for serious business growth. Professional blog writing service, technical content and on-site content marketing to grow your organic SEO traffic

Research-driven on-site content creation is one of the most effective ways to attract and engage valuable customers. This program is led by Adriaan Brits who personally wrote more than 20 million words in long-form blog content, generating over a billion dollars in client revenue.

We use competitor research to help you outsmart the competition and to catch up with other market leaders. We craft superb website content to attract search engine visibility, traffic and inbound links. This service covers complicated topics such as finance, crypto, tech, blockchain, medical, pharmaceutical, telecoms, legal and just about every niche.



Our metrics do the talking: Proven to deliver an increase in traffic, inbound backlink growth from authority sites and overall engagement.


Start small and scale up to any level if you love our professional on-site writing service. Perfect for startups and S&P500 companies alike.

10,000 Words

Use Content Marketing PRO for SME's. Start small, test our service and see what results we produce.
$ 1750 Monthly
  • Mixed articles, i.e. 2 X 3K word long-form and 4 X 1K words
  • Choose a mix of white papers, listicles, guides, news, blog, or comparison content
  • Keyword & competitor research
  • 100% Original human written content
  • Collaborative with client approval at each step
  • Researched title suggestions
  • Posted to your WordPress or delivered in GDoc / GDrive
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30,000 Words

Use Content Marketing PRO for companies any size, any industry. Build quality on-site content.
$ 3500 Monthly
  • Mixed articles, i.e. 5 X 3K word long-form and 15 X 1K words
  • Choose a mix of white papers, listicles, guides, news, blog, or comparison content
  • Keyword & competitor research
  • 100% Original human written content
  • Collaborative with client approval at each step
  • Researched title suggestions
  • Posted to your WordPress or delivered in GDoc / GDrive

50,000 Words

Use Content Marketing PRO for scaled, sustained on-site content marketing. Enterprise solution.
$ 5750 Monthly
  • Mixed articles, i.e. 10 X 3K word long-form and 20 X 1K words
  • Choose a mix of white papers, listicles, guides, news, blog, or comparison content
  • Keyword & competitor research
  • 100% Original human written content
  • Collaborative with client approval at each step
  • Researched title suggestions
  • Posted to your WordPress or delivered in GDoc / GDrive

Easy access to top-tier writing services:

Rolling month to month service, cancel anytime.

No setup fees or minimum contract period required. 

Direct email support to CMO’s and your internal marketing teams.

Supported by our cutting-edge research team.

Benefit from an ongoing monthly audit and wikipedia-style internal linking for added SEO visibility. See your content in various snippet results with our structured data approach.

Required actions by customer:

  1. After providing us with a writer profile, you can grant access to your platform to one of our professional bloggers. Alternatively weekly word documents can be sent to your webmaster who can also publish the content. The content strategy will be discussed in full and set up in collaboration with your marketing team.
  2. Customers may choose to grant analytic access to our management team who will track the progress of our content team and suggest any tactical changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Top NYC and London agencies sell our content for $0.25 per word.  This is the going rate for writers in high-quality content marketing. With this direct order, you can hire top talent and research expertise below market rate without risking the quality of your content. 

We follow a successful research methodology for best results.

  • Use research tools to evaluate competitors and demand
  • Produce a content proposal list mapped to market demand and opportunities
  • Craft authoritative articles with a high word-count
  • Upload it to your WordPress site OR send word .doc files to your team for uploading

Our customers are after results.

Results – outcome and reporting:
During and after the project, the client receive reports and live updates. Clients can use Google Analytics or any equivalent to monitor results afterwards. Existing sites typically see results within 30 days of uploading the content, sometimes earlier. 

For BEST results, a sustained campaign is suggested. 

We are digital marketing experts. Our decisions are data-driven. 

More in-depth research will show precisely how you can fight back for market share by producing authoritative on-site content. We evaluate both search demand as well as the current tactics your competitors use that works well for them. Based on this, we formulate a response.

Google highly values an author with a credible profile. This is known as “EAT” rating. Many top executives with strong profiles do not have the time to create content, however they “adopt” our content and assign their own authorship to it upon delivery. We recommend that you do this – since our service is discreet and anonymous.

Articles vary between 500 and 2000 words in length. In some cases, we make reference to credible external sources and it is your choice whether or not to include any links. We avoid templated content and make use of a mix of structures, including question snippets, essay-style writing and FAQ’s.

In order to trigger structured data snippets in Google – and to be optimized for voice search – consider us as your content marketing experts!

At times, we add solid 2000 word articles, with academic links. The purpose of this is to attract links over time, as later when people discover your content, they may link to it due to the high quality of the content.

Earning good links over time will very much depend on how willing you are to invest in on-site content. 

This, over time – has proven to be much more efficient than buying links through guest posting. 

Our writing team has experience with a wide variety of sectors, including health & pharmaceutical, business & finance, insurance/loans, travel & tourism as well as technology, artificial intelligence and education. We delivered exceptional results for very tricky industries too, such as rehab, CBD and legal.

We have used this service as part of complex SEO projects also for governments, shopping sites, huge marketplace and e-commerce stores, real estate businesses, doctors, architects, exporters of consumer goods, printers, web design companies and high-end consulting companies. 

Our typical customer is well-funded and ready to invest in their growth. 

Starting at around $3000 for 30K words, this is exceptionally affordable. The recurring value of on-site content and organic search VS that of pay per click, means that it is easy to see an improvement of 12X over expensive PPC campaigns on Facebook and Google Ads. 

Our core team of in-house content writers will take care of your content. With ample journalist and SEO writing + research experience, your project is in safe hands. Prior to any content being written, our digital marketing research team do content planning and issue specific guidelines on what is required. 

We have an additional policy to drive as much as 30% in extra traffic for our clients. In every 500 words we produce, writers will ask – and ANSWER at least one question.

How do we do target the Google feature snippet policy?

Writers discover these questions from the “People also ask” section when performing a search in relation to the topic we write about. They then look at the answer and attempt to provide a better answer than what is currently on the web.

Getting into Google questions & answers – is just one of the reasons our clients love us – because we’re succeeding at getting them much more visibility than the average agency!

We can improve on your competitors top-ranking content by analyzing the structure and being more authoritative. You may need to take this a step further by building links to the landing pages if it appears that your competitors perform better in search as a result of strong inbound links and good blog content and landing pages. 

Various methods exist, either through competitor and industry research – or even through an analysis of your pay per click advertising, in cases where you see, to slash an advertising bill by switching to on-site blog content. The more targeted the planning of your blog-writing attempts – the more likely it is to produce a better ROI.

Great question. Smart companies spend around 50% of their pay per click bill on blog writing. This way they reduce their reliance on paid traffic and lean towards organic. 

Companies who spend, for example $20K per month on Google & Facebook Ads but $1000 per month on blog content are losing a lot to their competitors. 

Industry specialists have disagreed remarkably with Bruce Clay who is the biggest advocate of content silos and Google said it “Ranks individual pages, not websites”. However, we cannot dismiss content silos outright for some of the other benefits it may have. The silo structure in SEO refers to organizing your website into distinct categories or themes, with each category having its own set of relevant subcategories and related content. This structure, when implemented correctly, can be highly beneficial for SEO for a few reasons:

  1. Improved User Experience: When content is logically and systematically grouped, it enhances user navigation, making it easier for visitors to find related information, which can lead to increased on-site time and lower bounce rates.

  2. Relevance and Authority: Silos help establish your website’s authority in certain subjects by grouping similar content together. This sends clear signals to search engines about what your website and each section of your website is about. This can improve your website’s overall topical relevance and authority.

  3. Link Equity: With silo structure, you can manage link equity more effectively within your website. The links from one page to another within the same silo can pass more link equity.

However, Google and other search engines do indeed rank individual pages rather than entire websites. While having a well-structured website can help search engine crawlers understand your site better, the relevance and quality of individual pages still matter greatly.

In other words, having a silo structure can aid in your SEO strategy, but it’s not the only factor at play. Quality content that’s relevant to the searched keywords, a good user experience, high-quality backlinks, domain authority, and other factors all play significant roles in a page’s ability to rank well in search engines.

As with any SEO strategy, balance is key. It’s important to consider a multitude of factors, including both the organization of your site (like using a silo structure) and the optimization of individual pages.

Client testimonials - 98% of our clients return:

CWCEO at Chillweb design group
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Adriaan and team are outstanding professionals. Delivered exactly as promised and well worth every dollar. Highly recommended!
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We worked with Adriaan on several projects now, - Great results, no complaints - Easy to work with, and professional service - Delivers on time
FydcoinFydCoin Crypto group
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There are levels to writing: The journalist went above and beyond to write a great article. Highly recommend and will order again! Thank you!
D. Pollock
D. Pollock
Board member, Outsourcing group
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We were picked up by at least 50+ news channels and were very happy with these results. Highly recommended. Quick and communicative.
Film producer, Los Angeles
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Love Adriaan!!! We've done several projects together and he's simply the best. Very hard-working, quick, wonderful person to work with and know! 10 out of 10 stars!
Owner, health and wellness brand
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Sitetrail went over and beyond expectations time and time again. They think quickly and smartly on their feet and use their initiative really well, which I appreciate. Thank you very much!
Owner at TrossCreative
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Hired to write a linked news article. Top-notch writing, needed absolutely no edits. Delivered super fast, and as promised. Very nice attention to details and understood the goal better than most, top professionals. Highly recommended.

150 Tech Companies, 45 Film producers, 250 law firms, 120 SEO agencies can’t be wrong. Try our service today and see for yourself.



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