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1. Get Training

Complete 3rd-party video training from some of the best instructors in the world. Study at your own pace from home. Showcase all qualifications on your Linkedin Premium profile.

2. Complete an Internship

We arrange a guaranteed internship where you are mentored by top editors and content writing specialists. Gain experience and credible references on your CV.

3. Start working

Immediately apply for remote jobs in writing & editing. With more than 6500 new jobs per week, our interns are best positioned for an immediate start. We provide full assistance.


Complete Our Internship and Qualify For Any of These Jobs:

Current cumulative count of unfilled remote writing jobs globally: 11000 (Sources: Linkedin, Indeed and MonsterJobs)

Compare writing career options:

Content Marketing Specialist

Online Journalist


How To Start Your New Writing Career in Less Than 1 Month:

Now you can follow a proven methodology to jumpstart your career through training, internship & mentoring.  This will help you to secure a bright future in a multi-billion dollar industry. The ultimate goal? Work for US and European businesses while earning an internationally competitive salary from anywhere in the world. 

How? Our guaranteed internship program will provide you with an insider view and experience of all the necessary components to work in the industry. You will learn from highly experienced writers and editors. After earning valuable experience as well as credible references and endorsements of your key skills and abilities, you can proof to American and International employers that you are the perfect fit for one of 11000+ remote writing job opportunities that remain unfilled at any given point in time. 

Before joining us, please see all the frequently asked questions below: 

Frequently Asked Questions:

This is the easy part: You will access various recommended modules from specific courses on Linkedin Learning. Upon completion, these qualifications will appear on your profile. You will then be ready to start the internship. 

Our guaranteed internship scheme ensure that you will receive insider briefings from content marketing agencies and work on real client cases from all over the world. You will gain experience and insight into the day to day tasks and challenges writers have to deal with. 

What you will gain upon completion:

  1. Writers who demonstrated good skills will be given a preferential journalist profile with a Google News Approved news outlet to boost their credibility. 
  2. Your Linkedin profile will receive endorsements from experts on all the skills where you were able to demonstrate competence. 
  3. A personal recommendation from an expert with whom you worked, will be added to your Linkedin profile. 
  4. We will then provide you with an employment guide so that you can start immediately with job applications. 

Candidates will be able to proof to American and International companies that they have more than a qualification: experience is what matters – and our internship will give you that. 

The employment  guide will enable you to apply to more than 6000 remote jobs that are available for immediate start. 

Most people find work within 1 month of completion. 

Currently we charge $199 to take you through the internship program. 

This covers the cost of our editors and team leaders who will assess your work and deliver all the elements of the program.

Market data indicates that even during quiet periods and recession, at least 11000 remote writing jobs remain unfilled, with as much as 25000 of the same jobs being unfilled during busy months. 

These facts can be  confirmed by combining the data from the following job marketplaces:

Cumulative writing jobs on Linkedin exceeding 18000

Cumulative writing jobs on Flexjobs: 2400

SEO Writing jobs on Indeed US:15000+

Remote writing jobs on Linkedin

Writing jobs on Monster Jobs: 1890

Remote SEO jobs on Linkedin

Disclaimer and fact checking: At the time of checking these sites, specific job counts were indicated. It will vary at any given point in time so our numbers are not 100% accurate. 

Conslusion: To power the global engines of both the digital advertising industry AND every company blog around the world, hundreds of thousands of writers are needed. Most of them work from home – and you can be one of them soon!

Regardless of whether you are a high school or university graduate, employers who hire remote workers in other countries, need specific assurances before hiring. These include: Endorsements on your Linkedin profile, a written testimonial from an industry expert you have worked with – and most of all, some experience in dealing with agency or employer requests to do the job. 

You are off course welcome to apply for any of the 1800+ remote writing jobs without our internship program. But experience shows that in a competitive job market, employers will hire candidates that meet the criteria we cover during your internship.  

You must have the following in order to start our internship program:

  1. A Linkedin Premium profile (This helps you complete the training and display relevant endorsements)
  2. A good command of the English language, both written and spoken. 

Step 1: You will first complete independent studying via Linkedin learning. Some candidates do this in 5 days, others in 4 weeks. It is entirly self-paced. 

Step2: Our internship program takes 3 to 4 weeks to complete. 

A realistic time frame is therefore 1 month. 

We recommend that you wait until completion, so that you have the necessary endorsements and qualifications on your profile.

Applying too early, mean that some employers may “archive” your application or mark it as “not a good fit”. 

Employers look for profiles that match their job specification both in terms of qualifications and experience – that is why your chances increase 100% after completing the internship. 

Given the vast scope for writers and different types of content, it is near impossible to quantify the demand and types. But common examples are:

Journalists, review writers, content aggregators,  novelists, copywriters, web editors, SEO writers, technical writers, company bloggers, policy writers and so forth. 

Except good writing skills, you need to have good command of the English language, a great imagination, and be willing to put in the work and do research, as well as have good communication.

Provided that you have a good level of English, the course material we will suggest, together with the internship will provide the key to your success. Finally, you do need to have an interest in writing and a willingness to learn from the examples we will provide.  

  1. You should know that as a provider to S&P500 companies, we do not offer fake endorsements to anyone. 
  2. Writers will earn any endorsements they receive from us. If their English is poor or they provide a sub-standard quality of work during internship, our management team and experts will not provide a superb rating. 
  3. For those who have a good command of the English language and a great set of ethics – it is a SUPERB investment. For anyone seeking a fake endorsement without putting in the work, this will not help. 


Get Started Today:

Jumpstart your writing career for $199 with our guaranteed internship program.

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