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Develop Your Potential in Web Design, Digital Marketing, and Online Public Relations.

Practical, hands-on experience with real industry cases, working with experts. 

A Gateway to Professional Excellence

Sitetrail is thrilled to announce an exclusive opportunity for the sharpest minds in academia to step into the vibrant world of Web Design, Digital Marketing, and Online Public Relations. We are inviting final-year MSC/MBA students, final-year bachelor students, and those advancing in certificate courses to join a transformative internship program designed to equip you with industry-leading skills and unparalleled professional exposure.

Who We Are Looking For

  • Final Year MSC / MBA Students: Ready to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical expertise in a dynamic business environment.
  • Final Year Bachelor Students: Eager to expand their horizons and apply their fresh, innovative ideas to real-world projects.
  • Advanced Certificate Course Participants: Committed to enhancing their professional portfolio with hands-on experience in a fast-paced, digitally-driven marketplace.

Our Commitment to Your Growth

Successful graduates of our program will receive:

  • Endorsement from the Sitetrail CEO: A personal commendation from a former Linkedin professional, renowned for his contribution to the digital landscape and executive coaching prowess.
  • Industry Leaders’ Recognition: Gain valuable endorsements from key players participating in the program, elevating your career profile.
  • Diverse Industry Exposure: Work with a multitude of sectors, broadening your understanding and adaptability to various business models.
  • Remote Learning from experts: Benefit from e-learning sessions and virtual lectures directly from the Sitetrail CEO, encompassing crucial modules and practical industry insights – augmenting university theory with real-life cases happening in real-time. 

The Sitetrail Advantage

  • Ex-Linkedin Expertise: The CEO of Sitetrail, with his extensive background as part of the Linkedin team, brings a wealth of knowledge and a network of professional connections to the table.
  • Selective Collaboration: Each year, Sitetrail partners with 5 distinguished universities, guiding approximately 200 students to surge ahead in their careers.
  • Practical Application: Interns will engage in projects that matter, with outcomes aimed at propelling companies forward in the digital space.

Incentives for Tomorrow’s Digital Leaders

For Web Design Students:

  • Web Hosting Access: Leverage industry-grade hosting platforms to bring your creative visions to life.
  • Design Tools Suite: Utilize a curated selection of essential web design tools to craft compelling, user-friendly websites.


For Digital Marketing and Online Public Relations Students:

  • Digital PR Toolbox: Engage with a suite of modern PR tools designed to streamline online communication and analytics.
  • Marketing Resources: Explore a variety of digital marketing resources to enhance your strategic online initiatives.

All tools and resources are selected to provide a practical edge to your academic knowledge and give you a taste of professional life in the industry.

Your Next Step

Interested parties are required to have their university professor or module leader initiate the application process. Secure your place at the forefront of digital innovation by ensuring your academic mentors apply on your behalf through our online platform.

Apply Here

By applying for the Sitetrail Internship Program, you’re not just seeking an internship; you’re stepping towards a career that thrives on innovation, leadership, and forward-thinking. It is here that theory meets practice, and education meets its application.

Equal Opportunity Statement

At Sitetrail, we believe in creating a landscape of opportunity that is grounded in merit and open to all. Our commitment is to foster a diverse and inclusive environment where talent and creativity are the only criteria for success. As we extend this ethos to our Web Design Internship, Digital Marketing Internship, and Online Public Relations Internship programs, we assure applicants that Sitetrail remains steadfastly apolitical, focusing solely on professional development and educational advancement. No amount of financial sponsorship or incentive can change this.

Regardless of background, ideology, or personal beliefs, we invite aspiring professionals to apply for our internships, where each candidate is evaluated on their skills, qualifications, and passion for their respective fields. We are devoted to empowering our interns with the tools and experiences necessary to thrive in a dynamic digital ecosystem.

Embark on a journey with Sitetrail, where your ability to innovate and execute is what propels you forward.