Quickly publish your interview in the news


Let a professional agency newsdesk publish your high-level interview in the news. This will appear on an approved Google News site within a matter of hours. Fast, discreet and effective PR. 


Our agency newsdesk will publish a high-level interview in the news. This will appear on an approved Google News site within a matter of hours.

Be seen in the news

A genuine interview with a Google News approved news outlet, optimized for maximum visibility

Permanent presence

Leave a permanent presence in news search to build and protect your reputation - and share your story

Here is how it works:

  1. After ordering, we will contact you to obtain a brief. This will contain some questions. You can also omit some of our questions and send your own list of questions and answers for our consideration.
  3. Any other quotes (CEO quotes etc.) can be included – along with an image of yourself. You can also send an image that contain your quote next to your photo. This way we will have it in both text and image format: hugely beneficial for reputation management and personal branding.
  5. We will collate the date you provided into our news release template and send it for your approval. We carry out ADDITIONAL research and content services to gain more visibility.
  7. After submission – we will send you a live link with a screenshot of where your article appeared in Google News.

News releases are powerful, especially if it is in the form of an interview. It serves as a reference if you ever want to create a powerful Wikipedia page. It is also great for SEO since other sites love linking to authoritative articles. “As seen in the news” is rather influential. 


Most people do not know that the majority of news interviews take place via email or phone – with only a small number of interviews being in-person “live on air”. 

We do additional research and incorporate the names of other famous people or brands (or industry statistics etc.) – it will help you to gain prominence and authority.

Yes, we may make certain changes and propose it to you for acceptance. Remember that news editors always reserve the right to make changes.

Yes. You cannot choose the anchor text – the editor will choose this. We will make sure you obtain ONE Do-Follow link per article.

Irrespective if an article appears on a small news site or if you appear on Forbes, CNN, INC or Entrepreneur : the readership of the Google Newsfeed itself exceeds 300 Million in the US alone.

The size of the news platform usually does not affect the ranking of the article in Google News as there are other more important factors we address through editorial. 

It is popular with CEO’s, academic reserachers who want to become published, singers / songwriters who release albums, expert opinions on product launches, lawyers, doctors and many B2B/C professionals.


We can help most business types – check with us if you are unsure.

Absolutely yes. If you have a bad wrap or negative news – this helps you to put the record straight and provide an accurate version of events to the world. We can do a lot of extra services for this purpose: please enquire.

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