5 X Premium TECH guest posts with DO-Follow links


The ultimate influencer outreach for the TECH industry. Improve your SEO visibility with this premium media package. Guaranteed publication by TECH journalists in 5 premium online technology magazines and well known tech blogs. 5 X Tech sites with strong Google News visibility.


Reach deep into Technology Circles. Improve your SEO visibility with this premium media package. Guaranteed publication by Tech journalists in 5 premium online magazines and blogs. The ultimate influencer outreach for the tech and digital marketing industries.

  • 5 Uniquely written articles by TECH journalists
  • Sample Media Outreach Targets:
  • Techbullion.com, Valuewalk.com, Newstrail.com, Newswire.net, Knowtechie.com
  • 4 X DO-Follow links (One unique link per article) + 1 NO-Follow Link
  • Varied anchor text for each article (To comply with Google anti-spam policies)
  • Unique, SEO friendly content that is optimized and researched for keyword density
  • Include a quote from a named representative at your organization
  • PressBait: Attract additional visibility among journalists worldwide
  • Great site metrics: DA 40 to DA 70 sites (Page rank 4 to 6)
  • Our writers include Travel journalists and influential bloggers
  • Combined audience size exceeds 2M monthly readers
  • The ultimate press release and influencer outreach for the travel industry

This package is popular with the following clients:

Fintech, technology, AI, data science, web hosting & reviews, IT, web design, tech innovation, crunchbase & tech crunch enthusiasts.


Be seen on popular sites like KnowTechie.com, Techbullion.com, Valuewalk.com, Newstrail.com, Newswire.net

Technology guest posting that build long term referral traffic and SEO results. 


The SiteTrail Guarantee:

  • You are protected by Paypal
  • Guaranteed inclusion with unique content in each article
  • 7 Day turnaround time
  • If any site editor decline your domain or service, receive a proportional refund or alternative option from our list of 500 participating media outlets.

Fast-track ORM, SEO, SEM

This can be used as a fast-track online reputation management service, SEO and SEM to release important news and provide an online presence.


1. Submit your order and brief:

Our agency writes valuable Google News releases and guest posting content. These often outrank mainstream sites such as Forbes, CNN, Mashable and Entrepreneur in the news.

2. Review our proposal

Take a final look at the guest post or new article we propose. Approve it and watch it go live shortly. We will provide a trackable link to your article with permanant DO-Follow links in most cases.

3. Pick your next order

Don't stop and wait to watch the analytics needle: Keep moving and build a strong list of high DA posts so that you can get ahead of competitors at the right speed.

FAQ's - everything you need to know

This is a secret only the best digital marketers know: It is simply because Google News ranking is not determined by site metrics, but by the structure and richness of the content submitted.

This is not a sponsored article for commercial purposes. You’re simply paying us to collate facts and data about your business – and to pass it onto our media contacts.

Off course we will ensure that it is newsworthy and you will approve the article prior to publication.

 If the article is NOT indexed in Google you will receive a full refund – or we will do a second attempt at no charge. The decision on whether or not to index a news.google.com article lies with Google – and depends on whether the specific property is approved by Google News.

We use only experienced editorial teams who submitted hundreds of news articles will take care of this guest post writing.

Yes, we also accept articles written by other agencies or your marketing team. It will still be reviewed and edited to ensure it is newsworthy and in compliance with important criteria. 

In the US alone, Google News receives more than 300M visitors per month. This is bigger than the majority of news sites. 

It is more rapid: For the same set of keywords, organic SEO rankings can take months to achieve – where an appearance in the News results can happen within hours. It will not be your site that ranks – but the news site that we use to publish your news. 

Often, over the span of 3 to 6 months, Google News articles tend to earn links from Wikipedia and other important outlets.

This is not to support instant organic SEO. It is to appear in the NEWS tab of Google search results for relevant keywords. Additionally, it supports referral traffic and brand awareness. In some cases, Google prioritizes news snippets in organic results.

Long term benefits certainly include authority link baiting.

Based on the initial information you provide us, within 3 hours we submit a written draft for your consideration. Once approved by you, our team will immediately publish it on a Google News site, After this, indexing usually happens within 1 or 2 hours. Total turnaround time – around 8 hours.

Speak to us before ordering if it is a difficult niche you work in. Adult and some topics are not permitted.

Most of the time we can help, however: since it is a news release, outright sales messages such as “best quality” “best price” “better than the competition” will not be pushed to the media.

We can work with you to get the right message across

The editor of the website has their own policies and has the final say on content. They have total discretion to modify content. One link per article is allowed. 

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