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Press Release Distribution

An overview of press release distribution: Platforms, reach, definition and scalable alternatives. 

What Is Press Release Distribution?

The advertising and communications industry believes that it involves the distribution of a set format press release to various journalists who will then reach back out to the source of the press release to gather more information and write an authentic story. 

Are Conventional PR Wires Effective?

The practice of press release distribution and a report containing various news site images and links have charmed amateurs for many years now: to the extent that companies who created this concept are today publicly traded entities performing well on the S&P500. But they are the only ones doing well out of it – clients who use “wire” type press release distribution with funky reports containing duplicate links are not doing so well at all, which we have explained in depth. 

In the following article, “5 Reasons Press Releases Fail” we demonstrate precisely why newswire duplication of a PR does not work. 

Fact: It works if you have a legal requirement to show that correspondence was made public, but do not expect this to drive referral traffic or SEO results – because unique results in search engines are important – and you need several DO-Follow links, which standard duplicate PR wires cannot deliver. 

What Is The Solution For Better Press Release Distribution Services?

The Press Release Writing And Distribution Service from Sitetrail was created to take into account both the need for legal compliance – as well as the need for scaled SEO results. That is why venture capital firms use us to rapidly scale their PR and SEO efforts all in one go. 

This means that you companies can now obtain a hybrid solution of press release distribution services that will involve editors at news sites who create unique content for Google News results, as well as a handful of duplicated “newswire” type results. 


What Press Releases Require for SEO Purposes:


Each news article must be unique to have SEO value

DO Follow

A Healthy balance of DO Follow links must be present

Optimized for SEO

Image, Text and Video SEO should be addressed in the same release

Authentic Profile

EAT ratings and YMYL factors of SEO depend on reliable journalist profiles

Who Are The Traditional Press Release Distribution Companies?

You may have seen a lot of information about companies like PRWeb, Cision, PR Newswire, BusinessWire, EIN PressWire and so forth. These companies sole business model revolve around distribution of content via a fixed wire service to other sites. Some of them may allude to this as “journalist outreach because journalists are layzee to find news” – but you can test this to see how many reliable journalists will re-write your story after using these news distribution services. If results are not satisfactory, do not take it personal, it is not necessarily your writing, it has to do with the fact that journalists do NOT use newswires for their information and they actually do choose to leverage the Google Newsfeed and other alert systems instead. 

To proof this point, you can see impartial reviews of each provider here: PRWeb Reviews; EIN Presswire Reviews; Cision Reviews; BusinessWire Reviews

The fact remains that none of these providers were able to replace what an authentic PR company does – and there is a reason a classy PR company that charges $5K will get you different results that a wire submission of $200 can never achieve. 

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