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EIN Presswire VS Business Wire VS Cision PRWeb: Review and Compare

EIN Presswire Press Release Distribution Services Reviews are readily available on the web. Before using the EIN Newsdesk you may want to read some feedback and reviews beyond that of TrustPilot, G2 and Google Maps. We will point out that most consumer reviews of EINPResswire, BusinessWire and Cision PRWeb often omits critical information on SEO benefits, referral traffic and actual Google News indexing of articles. For this reason, we highly suggest, before proceeding, to read “5 Reasons Why Press Releases Fail and How To Get Better Results”

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The above link really explains why fancy distribution reports and long press release distribution lists are somewhat overblown: because it is merely duplicated content with NO-Follow links that has no SEO value.

Now let’s compare providers, and see if anyone actually delivers authentic editorial news content with unique search results and SEO value:


In reviewing Sitetrail vs. EIN Presswire, VS Cision PR Web, VS Newswire vs. Business Wire, a lot needs to be considered. There is nothing wrong with the customer service of any of these providers – but the question is, when you search Google News or ordinary results on the web, can the url’s on any of the fancy reports we receive, actually be seen in search results – and do we receive referral traffic? The answer, in 99% of caes, is a clear no. 

Ratings And Reviews

PR Newswire
Business Wire
Cision PRWeb
EIN PResswire

Choose a Press Release package below:

Trusted by 6000+ Satisfied customers

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Unlimited Monthly Editorial News

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  • Publish unlimited articles on 2 Google News Sites
  • Unlimited article publishing with direct access
  • Syndicated to 5 sites
  • Medium / Low SEO value

Press Release and Editorial News

1 Editorial + 1 Syndicated press release to 200+ media sites
$ 299
  • 2 X 700 Word articles written by us (1 Press release, 1 Editorial news)
  • Distribution to unlimited channels and countries
  • 2 Google News Indexed Articles
  • RSS Syndication to 40+ Mainstream News Channels​
  • Editorial with SEO/PR boost

Press Release and Editorial News

All BUSINESS features + DA68 & DA85 ( &
$ 999
  • 3 X 700 Word articles written by us (1 Press release, 2 Editorial news)
  • Distribution to unlimited channels and countries
  • 3 Google News Indexed Articles
  • RSS Syndication to 40+ Mainstream News Channels​
  • Editorial + Strong SEO/PR
  • Editorial news (Google) & TechBullion

Premium Press & Editorial News

All POPULAR features + APNews, YahooFinance & Entrepreneur
$ 2950
  • 5 X 700 Word articles written by us (2 Press release, 3 Editorial news)
  • Distribution to unlimited channels and countries
  • 5 Google News Indexed Articles
  • RSS Syndication to 40+ Mainstream News Channels​
  • Editorial + Strong SEO/PR
  • 2nd PR: APNews + Entrepreneur + Yahoo Finance
  • Editorial News in 3 X Renowned industry magazines

EIN Presswire vs. Cision PR Newswire vs. Business Wire vs. PRWeb: The Press Release Buying Guide 

Press release writing and distribution services get your brand message through to your target audiences and to different geographical locations through selected press releases. When press releases are distributed, journalists look for and find releases that are related to organizations and businesses that they are involved in. 

There are two primary ways to do this:

    *  Send the press release to your chosen press release distribution service

    *  Distribute to varying locations such as magazines, newspapers, etc. 

There are costs to both of these which do need to be considered. Although there are many press distribution services which are exceptional, we’ve decided to focus on four: Sitetrail, Cision PR Newswire, Business Wire, PRWeb 

Sitetrail is the only platform that offers Editorial News with genuine authorship:​

Trusted by 6000+ Satisfied customers

When submitting a press release, even if the news was sufficiently noteworthy to be syndicated by a variety of news sites, for example Fox News, CNN, Mashable, Forbes, BBC, Huffington Post, CNBC and Marketwatch, it will still be labelled as “Press Release” without an authentic author. This is the case with all your content that is submitted via PR Newswire, BusinessWire, Reuters and PRWeb.

Sitetrail works differently than the above example. It is the only platform that has the option to go beyond these inauthentic and cold releases, by connecting brands with genuine in-house journalists at various news sites – who can release an editorial news article with authorship. In these cases it will not be labelled as “Sponsored” or as “Press Release”. 

They will be compared according to who is most likely to benefit from the specific service, their prominent features, their pricing, and their pros and their cons. 

We’ve found that each of them have unique attributes which endear them to specific business types. Choosing the best one for your business will be up to you, but we’ve listed what you should think about when deciding one a service to help you in your quest for the best option.

Sitetrail has in-house journalists who can do all your press release writing:

When using PR Newswire, Business Wire and PRWeb, you will need to write your own content. With Sitetrail, an in-house journalist will take care of all the writing as well as to help you conceptualize ideas to ensure the news is SEO optimized for better results. 

"Sitetrail journalists got us coverage with premium media outlets in a short time at an amazing price"

Why do I need Press Release Writing and Distribution Services? 

Over the past years, the press release industry has involved substantially and this is mostly because companies have come to realize how important press releases are. Having a good relationship with the press is essential in creating a brand which is not only well-known, but well-liked. 

The primary roles of press releases are to launch new products, increasing brand visibility, getting the attention and interest of target audiences, sharing messages instantaneously, providing more information about the brand, convenience, and search engine optimization (SEO). 

Press distribution services can especially help small businesses when they need to release information to the public. This is a very effective method of content distribution and is especially helpful to a business’s digital marketing campaign. 

As a client of a press distribution service, the PR distributor forwards your company’s press release to their affiliate media outlets on your behalf. 

Occasionally, journalists or media contacts in the PR company’s distribution network believe that their readers or viewers will find the information the press release contains engaging. This often results in their choosing to publish it themselves or developing their own content based on the press release. This has the consequence of very low-cost, or even free, media coverage for the company. 

This is referred to as “earned media” and it’s really beneficial to the business as the general followers of the outlet are expected to see it, as well as possible clients of the company who first sent out the press release. 

However, should there be no “earned media,” PR distribution companies do provide other advantageous services, such as:

     *  Writing press releases.

     *  Proofreading.

     *  Press release editing and formatting according to industry standards.

     *  Optimizing press releases for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

     *  Tagging press releases to make sure they are accessed by the correct audiences.

     *  Providing access to industry specific social media accounts.

     *  Assurance that press releases will be shown on specific news sites and news aggregators such as Google News.

     *  Comprehensive media monitoring (offering reports and analytics on press releases and campaign execution.

     *  Unique targeting options according to industry, audience, or location. 

What to look for when choosing a press distribution service:

In reality, three things matter:

a) HOW many times can you be found on Google and Google News;

b) How many impressions are you starting to see on Google Search console for your website.

c) How many people BOUGHT from your business after the press release?

Here is the standard line they all push: When you’re trying to decide on a press distribution company, small businesses should think about their unique needs and take the following into consideration: 

     *  Their target audience including the media outlets that the group prefers

     *  The budget 

     *  The distribution options available through the company

     *  The geographical locations the business wants to infiltrate (one particular city, a specific state, nationally, or even internationally)

     *  Specific features such as company employees with press writing experience


EIN Presswire reviews and comparisons

If you want to show a few images on your website that says “As Seen In The News” and you don’t mind that passing a Fox34 affiliate news site is “Fox News”, and finding it in Google News is not a prerequisite – and, a label that says “Press Release” is not a convern for your brand – then EIN is the best option in the world. That is because they are cheap, give a very cute report and their customer service is always friendly.

CEO David Rothstein really has a great team and a clean, functional platform – and he is a great person to do business with. 

TrustPilot reviews are not yet existing – and Google Map reviews are too few to believe in anything negative. 

Service and pricing – great, but results, well, that depends what do you consider as satisfactory? What is your benchmark?


When you have no other way to get into the Google Newsfeed, then EIN is a great backup option. 

So let’s say you lack credibility to be in Entrepreneur, IBTimes, Forbes or any global / regional news sites, then you can always hop on with “Everyone’s Internet Newswire” because that is what EIN does: it helps everyone to get into the news. 

It is however not suitable for serious SEO, cannot give you unique editorial news across the web, and will certainly duplicate your content with NOFollow links across the web. 

Get into EIN Presswire for just $49 – that is cheap!

The world’s largest platform, connected to exclusive editorial content

Cision PR Newswire reviews and comparisons

Cision PR Newswire is owned by UBM, a well-established and well-connected media company, and has set itself up as a high-level press release distributor which gives companies the means to get important information out to the public through its impressive network of journalists and media outlets. 

The company has been in the game for a very long time, and as such has gained a reputation amongst their exceptional client base for professionalism and successful press release distribution. 

Their customer support is exceptional, and they are conscientious of producing press releases that meet the highest standard, as required by their high-level corporate customers. 

Nevertheless, this expertise comes at a price and PR Newswire isn’t the cheapest option to be found. As such, small businesses or startups who don’t have extensive budgets may find themselves being unable to afford their services. 

It’s also important to note that additional features may cost you extra, even though other press distribution services may offer them for free. As an example, if you decide to add images to a release, it will cost you $325. 

When comparing PR Newswire to other services, this is a valid consideration to take: 

Seeing as they have an extensive network of national and international outlets, and that they come at a fairly hefty price tag, PR Newswire is great for small, digital startups who have the required financial backing to substantiate rapid growth. 


Businesses like these who have sufficient funding will benefit from PR Newswire’s broad network seeing as their services aren’t confined to specific geographical locations. 


However, PR Newswire is not without merit for more established local businesses who are profitable enough to pay for costly press releases and would like to make use of narrow local targeting in order to influence well-known news outlets in their local area. 


This has the potential to be beneficial in the following instances:

     *  To increase awareness when opening a new location

     *  Informing the public when there are important changes to the company 

     *  Providing important information to the public such as when there is a product recall

     *  Arranging a big event 

     *  Speaking to a local issue or debate

Biggest basic distribution

PR Newswire has spent decades establishing a good distribution network, and they are one of the oldest PR distribution companies conducting business. 


As such, they maintain that they’ve got a strong network in the market which includes:

     *  More than 4000 websites

     *  Approximately 3,000 media outlets

     *  More than 550 news content systems

     *  39,000 Newswire for Journalists members covering an extra 9,000 media organizations


Earmark specific cities

Most other press release distributors offer regional targeting to state level, PR Newswire are special in that allow companies to target individual towns and cities, no matter how small. 


For example, if you run a consultancy in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and you don’t really care about reaching the rest of the state, or you’d like to target different locations with other messages, then you have the ability to restrict your press release to the city you’ve chosen. 


Target unique niches

Most press release distributors offer ingress to professional media outlets of a particular kind, frequently with the chance to target specific industries such as financial news. 


PR Newswire, on the other hand, also provide distribution to extra niches which most others don’t cover:

     *  Public officials

     *  Charities

     *  Foundations

     *  Tapered online audience sections


As such, numerous public relations or marketing campaigns that aren’t possible with other press release distributors, can be done by PR Newswire.  


As such, should a business desire to donate to charities in their local area (not only in order to subsidize the local economy, but also to benefit from tax deductions), they are able to share their plans with third sector organizations in the area where they are and also request proposals from possible beneficiaries. 

This greatly enhances public perception of the business by establishing a positive atmosphere around the company. 

As we’ve already established, PR Newswire is one of the more expensive options when it comes to press release distributors. 


In order to have press releases sent out, clients are obligated to sign up for an annual membership which will cost you $195. More than the annual fee, clients have to pay per release.


Depending on what you need, there are three types of single-release plans that they offer:

     *  State and local ($350)

     *  Regional and top markets ($575)

     *  National ($805)

*NOTE that in all cases $200 should be added to write a good release – which really means that their entry-evel product starts at $550


What do the plans include? 

All plans include:

     *  400 word press release distribution

     *  Targeting by audience and industry

     *  A unique analytics dashboard that provides in-depth metrics

     *  A special publishing community for journalists with 20,000 views per day

     *  Well-established quality outlets

State and local

     *  Restricted to 400 words

     *  Distribution to 1,000 outlets

     *  Assurance of being posted on 125 release-only media sites

     *  Targeting according to local area

     *  Comprehensive reporting and analytics


Regional and top markets

     *  400 words are incorporated

     *  Distribution to 1,300 outlets

     *  The release is shown on 200 media sites

     *  There is a permanent live link

     *  State-of-the-art reporting and analytics tools



     *  400 words

     *  The press release is distributed to 5,800 outlets

     *  The release will be shown on at least 250 sites

     *  There is a permanent live link which can be utilized for SEO objectives

The world’s largest platform, connected to exclusive editorial content

The verdict on Cision PR Newsire?


PRNewswire has very customer service support and can be reached by telephone, online chat, and email. They reply promptly to queries submitted via the online chat, and they also reply quickly to emails. More than that, the hold times for phone support is generally less than a minute.  PRNewswire reviews are more than acceptable on outlets such as BBB, Trustpilot and Google Maps. Consumer reviews is not the perfect indicator in an age where reviews can easily be altered, but it does carry some weight. 


Other benefits to PR Newswire is a big basic distribution; the ability to target specific cities; and the chance to target unique niches including public officials, charities, and philanthropists. 



Their biggest cons relate to price as multimedia such as video, audio, and images will cost you more, and you don’t have the ability to send a release if you don’t pay for annual membership. 


No authentic editorial news authorship: All submissions labelled as “Press Release”.

Business Wire - reviews and comparisons:

Business Wire is a Berkshire Hathaway Company which deals with public relations and helping companies get their press releases and disclosure targets right. 


Their range of services include investor relations, press release distribution, demographic targeting, geographic targeting, industry targeting, public policy services, and analytics. 


They stand out for being the site with the most inbound links, which stands at 983,154. All of their news releases come standard with free graphics and logos, something which many other companies charge for. 

They provide an EON service which basically entails having your press release accessible on their website forever. With extensive international connections, the company provides 1,674 varying delivery types and they also provide translation services for 50 different languages. 


They are known for the following:

     *  A great newsroom which especially targets your geographical location, both nationally and internationally. 

     *  A GMSM (global mobile social measurable) platform which ensures that your release reaches the most popular mobile apps which also improves your SEO. 

     *  Newswire services which consist of Dow Jones, the Associated Press, and Thomson Reuters. 

     *  Relationships with all of the most significant daily newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

     *  Full Text posting which consists of EON (enhanced online news) and your press release will be shown on thousands of different websites, and also numerous online news syndicators. 

     *  More than 150 vertical market trade media categories

Since it is not targeting many categories such as travel, tourism an and entertainment, it is a niche provider.


Business Wire is best for financial institutions and advocacy groups. For financial institutions, it makes sure that financial disclosures and other reports comply with the strict stock exchange disclosure regulations and are in accordance with United States Securities and Exchange Commission rules. 

Advocacy groups also benefit from using Business Wire as it provides public policy networks that allow the release of information to government offices and government decision-makers.

Online tools

Business Wire provides users with online tools to write their press releases which include templates that they can use to establish a comprehensive press release. Business Wire then forwards those press releases to media wires and news networks. Users then have the ability to track results and clarify messages on the Business Wire platform. 


Business disclosures

Business Wire is an acknowledged disclosure avenue for financial news in the US, Canada, and Europe. The company deals with forwarding of business disclosures through traditional print, broadcast, and online media depending on the user’s geographical location. More than that, the business provides full-text posting to important financial news websites and financial databases. 


Distribution lists

Business Wire has a broad selection of distribution lists which users can decide between in order to target specific geographic markets, audience demographics, and industry verticals. 

This gives users the ability to extend their reach to 18 full-service newsrooms in addition to news agencies in over 160 countries. Business Wire also provides its own patented NX Network high-speed system which has been developed in order to guarantee a broad distribution.  


Compliance filings

Business Wire makes sure that users comply with their statutory requirements. It provides a filing service that makes sure the press release that’s being sent out to investors is continually improved and that there aren’t any version control problems between the final press release and the Form 8-K or Form 6-K filings. 

Business Wire pricing isn’t really available on the website, but most users report spending $400 for a 400 word press release per geographic area. Additionally, it will cost you an extra $195 for every extra 100 words per release. In essence, for the length of most successful press releases, the cost is $760. 


*NOTE that in all cases $200 should be added to write a good release – which really means that their entry-level product starts at $600


However, for specifics, you will have to contact Business Wire in order to receive a special quotation depending on your needs. 


As such, there are no plans to be shown as they are dependent on the specific requirements of the user. 

The world’s largest platform, connected to exclusive editorial content

The verdict on Business Wire:


One of the primary benefits of Business Wire is the fact that it’s got a wide media reach and works with 60 news agencies nationally and internationally. Their list of media outlets currently stands at 89,000 addresses across 162 different countries.  They also boast 92,519 subscribers to their service. 


Especially useful to financial institutions and advocacy groups, they are recognized as being press release compliant with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 


They provide varying tips and tools to help you write the perfect press release and it takes into consideration how to make sure the release is search engine optimized and really gets the reader involved and interested. With this, the company also provides social media monitoring reports so that you can see how social media is impacting your business. Business Wire reviews across a range of sites like the BBB and Trustpilot are quite good. 



One of Business Wire’s most important disadvantages is the fact that it’s quite expensive with their lowest package costing $400. As such, it’s a better choice for bigger companies rather than small businesses with limited budgets. 

They also don’t provide full writing services, but they do offer editorial reviews. It also has quite a steep learning curve and most users need extensive customer support, especially in the beginning. 

No authentic editorial news authorship: All submissions labelled as “Press Release”.

PRWeb: Reviews, comparisons and alternatives

PRWeb is the press release distribution service which is especially popular with small businesses who want to improve their online presence. 

Their services focus on conquering social media, increasing search result visibility, and being promoted on online outlets.

PRWeb is great for small businesses who aren’t concerned with featuring in big publications, but rather focus on their online presence. 


This is ideal for businesses who generate their money online and are contingent on internet traffic for sales. These include eCommerce shops or social media marketing consultants. Other businesses which may benefit from PRWeb are those who’d like to grow their online brand such as fashion boutiques or influencers. 


PRWeb also works for businesses who wish to increase awareness of their products or services rapidly and online is the best way to do this. Print or broadcast tends to take much longer, and doesn’t stick around like online does. This includes local businesses such as plumbers or electricians. 

It cannot help businesses to get into spaces like Forbes, Businessinsider and Inc through press releases and has a slightly more narrow range of syndication outlets. 


If you already have adequate offline marketing, but you haven’t been able to really make yourself known on social media and in search rankings, then PRWeb could help. This is especially the case for local theaters and art galleries.

Choose where your press releases go

Where your press release is submitted depends on what plan you’ve chosen, what add-ons you’ve decided on, what industry you work in, and your marketing and PR campaign plan. 


If you choose the most inexpensive plan (basic), then the press release will only be shown on the PRWeb site itself, but it will be adequately tagged so that people can see it. 

The standard plan includes having releases forwarded to more than 1,200 websites in their Online Syndication Network. 


The advanced plan allows you to use industry specific hand-selected lists of subscribing journalists:

     *  Advanced plan: 1 list

     *  Web Influence: 2

     *  Premium: 2

     *  Web Power: 3


Currently, the Web Power plan is the only one that consists of a placement on Yahoo and the possibility of reaching their millions of visitors, but PRWeb do intend to release it as an add-on for advanced plans and above. 


PRWeb’s online network and array of tools for online marketing make it a great choice for businesses which are concentrated on their online presence rather than focusing on traditional media. 


Social media marketing 

All plans offered by PRWeb come with Cision SocialPost add-on. This tool allows you to make use of Cision PR Newswire’s industry specific Twitter feeds. This is an extraordinary feature which gives you the chance to:

     *  Distribute your intended message to a massive established social media following 

     *  Improve your search engine ranking as they consider social media mentions and links when determining how high up they’ll list your page

     *  Reach an abundance of industry specific journalists and outlets with special regard for related press releases through social media, rather than just email. 

     *  Tag press releases with applicable hashtags in order to contribute to your industry. 

     *  Bring up your own social media accounts so that those who are interested in your brand can follow you directly which enables you to get your message across even quicker in future


Ranking in search engines 

Despite the fact that the algorithms which determine search engine ranking aren’t officially public, there has been a good deal of research done into figuring out how they work and what can be done to rank well. 


Google and Bing seem to show pages which are connected to other sites that they find trustworthy, such as well-known news outlets with a good reputation. It sees the information that they share as being well founded. 


PRWeb has the potential to really help small business websites rank better in search results by distributing press releases with links to their sites published on numerous trusted sites. 


For example, if a business is established which operates as a vegan grocery store in Charlotte and publishes a press release about what they’re doing to help the area prosper via PRWeb, then more clients who search for ‘vegan stores Charlotte’ will see it in their results. This results in more money for the company. 

PRWeb has four normal available plans:

     *  Basic ($99) – Excludes writing worth $200

     *  Standard ($189)

     *  Advanced (289)

     *  Premium ($389)


*NOTE that in all cases $200 should be added to write a good release – which really means that their entry-level product starts at $299


However, they do provide two specialized plans namely Web Influence and Web Power for those users who require a four-hour turnaround. However, these prices aren’t available on their site and you’ll have to contact PRWeb directly in order to find out more. 

All plans can be improved by buying the following add-on tools:

     *  Priority distribution ($99 per release)

     *  Enhance placement ($40 per star)

     *  Targeted media email distribution ($199 per list)

     *  Targeted Twitter feeds ($99 per release)


What do the plans include?



This is especially useful to businesses that simply want to start having their name known. These releases are hosted permanently which improves their visibility on the most popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. There is no restriction on the amount of words that you can use on one release. 



This plan is great for brands that want to increase business. The plan includes permanent hosting on PRWeb, but releases are also shared across PRWeb’s online syndication network which consists of 1,200+ websites. 

Included in the plan is editorial feedback from PRWeb’s dedicated editorial team which means that you are ensured a high quality press release that meets editorial and industry standards. 



This plan is a good choice for companies that really want to get media attention. All of the distribution networks featured in the Standard package is included, but the press release is also forwarded directly by email to an industry-curated Journalist List which the user decides on. 

This plan also entails having a 24-hour turnaround time, phone support, feedback from the editorial team, and proofreading by the editorial team. 



This is the best choice for businesses which want to go viral. This plan consists of all of the advantages of the Advanced plan, but releases are also forwarded directly to two journalist lists and they are dispensed through Sovrn’s content recommendation network.

The world’s largest platform, connected to exclusive editorial content

The verdict on PRWeb


One of the benefits of using PRWeb is that they have unique social media networks to share your releases, create a big following, improve SEO, and drive traffic to your site. 


They also have varying plans with related pricing so that most small businesses will be able to find a plan that works for them. 


PRWeb has brilliant editorial services which mean that only the best quality press releases are distributed to outlets. More than that, they offer a special ‘call out quote’ tool which makes sure that press releases set themselves apart from others. 


Another benefit is that they don’t restrict word count. Any negative reviews that PRWeb may have on TrustPilot, the BBB and Google Maps may well come from SEO clients who had unrealistic exptectations. We would not regard poor reviews of PRWeb to be overly valid – especially if you consider the high volume of releases they run each month. 



Every user has to create an account with them which does tend to delay the process and often has the effect of having users feel compelled to use PRWeb for all of their press releases. 


Further delays may occur as press releases won’t be distributed before being analyzed by the PRWeb editorial team. This may be a disadvantage for important PR and marketing timetables. 


The customer service isn’t as easy to access as some other press release distributors, such as PR Newswire, and there’s no chat box to straightforwardly connect to service reps. Although they can be contacted by phone, email, or an online form, their response times are random, and it takes a while to get through when using the phone. 


No authentic editorial news authorship: All submissions labelled as “Press Release”. 

Final Take:

EIN Presswire is an amazing company with great leadership – but you should probably be clear about your objectives.

There are definite merits to all of the above-mentioned press distribution companies and finding the one that works best for you will depend on your exact requirements, the unique features you might want, your industry, and, quite significantly, your budget. At Sitetrail we took the liberty of reviewing all our competitors honestly: and cannot really find anything “bad” about them: they are all doing a great job, just like us. The fact is that our press release writing & distribution service beats the competition in 3 areas:

* Writing by in-house journalists and copywriters,

* The only platform that offers editorial news access,

* Exclusive 50% discount on bulk orders – lowest price in the industry for loyal customers. 

PR Newswire is well known due to the Cision acquisition. They have years of experience to back up their services but still does not match the Sitetrail option of editorial non-sponsored appearance through our media connections. Sure, they also have massive networks so you know that your releases will be shared with top-notch journalists and outlets – just like we do at Sitetrail.

PRNewswire comes with a lot of upselling: they aren’t the cheapest and extra features, including video, audio, and images, aren’t included in the price. These are often desired by users so they’ll have to pay extra. 

Business Wire is still much more expensive than PR Newswire and Sitetrail, but they do offer specialized service relating to the financial industry. They are also very influential and are afforded the same regard as PR Newswire and Sitetrail for having been around the block a couple of times dealing with the same circle of media owners.


They have earned the trust of not only users, but journalists and news outlets for providing quality content. Their price is the major barrier between Business Wire and the average user so it’s best suited to large companies.

PRWeb does attempt to differentiate in one way: social sharing – albeit through Twitter accounts where we cannot really verify the validity of follower levels. The company is great for improving search engine visibility and for being promoted online, but has limitations due to the lack of authentic editorial – something that Sitetrail offers. Their prices are also reasonable and accessible to small businesses. Their primary disadvantage is really the fact that they do not write content – and and have no editorial profiles, slapping a “press release” label on all of the duplicated content.

Although we couldn’t provide detailed analyses of other notable press release distributors, we’d like to make honorary mentions of:

     *  Send2Press, eReleases, Newswire, KissPR, EINPRessWire, PR Distribution, PR Newswire, Reuters and Comtex. 

Suggested review:

Best Press Release Distribution Services: Cision PR Newswire VS Business Wire VS PRWeb: Best Press Release Services


We think the best way is to experience multiple providers. After all, it IS good to have numerous mentions across the media. Just remember: duplicated content stuck on the same report, means little to nothing for Google and therefore, close to zero to your business growth.