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Get free News coverage in exchange for posting high quality business news on your website. One for One PR exchange.

100% White Hat, Google Safe and Efficient. 

Monthly collabs
+ 1800
B2B Collaborators
100 %
PR & DA Growth
80 %

Be One Step Ahead

Free High Quality PR

Post our high quality business news on your website / blog – and receive a free post on a premium quality Google News indexed website. For every Sitetrail news article you post on your blog – we will post one of your news articles on an unrelated news website. 100% Safe and proven to grow your PR and SEO metrics. 

How it Works

Obtain free high quality PR in 3 easy steps

We’ll post your business news on a Google News indexed news site. In exchange, you post a professionally written business news article from a completely unrelated entity on your blog. 


Submit your news article for approval

Within 24 hours we will review your article and provide an answer – Yes or No.


We Send You An Exchange Article

You will have 24 hours to review our exchange article and to publish it. 


Exchange Complete

Email us the live link with our news article – and we will respond by doing the same in less than 24 hours. 

Get Started. Submit Your News:

Send us your news article. Here is an example of an acceptable editorial news article. 

Once your document is ready, share a link to the file. Do make sure to set it so that ANYONE WITH THE LINK CAN EDIT the document because editors will pass it if they need to ask for access.