The following engagement plan sets out guidelines for client and contractor co-operation on digital marketing services, where Adriaan Brits is the contractor. It is an ongoing, evolving relationship where both client and contractor will show flexibility to meet the needs of the clients’ business.


Project scope:

If the contractor or client anticipate that the scope will increase, the engagement plan can be upgraded by mutual agreement.

Client responsibilities:

Contractor responsibilities:

Engagement options:

Adwords campaign management:

All focus will be exclusively on Google Adwords campaign management within the above scope.

Adwords + Facebook campaign management:

In addition to Google Adwords campaign management, Facebook Ads will also be managed.

Adwords + Facebook campaign management + Digital strategy consulting:

In addition to Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, Adriaan Brits will regularly consult with the board on digital strategy via skype and phone. He will “co-own” the marketing plan and may be listed as an adviser to the board.


The contractor will operate on a month-to-month basis. The client can cancel at any time by notifying the contractor by email in which case recurring billing will be cancelled by the contractor via Paypal. The client can choose to upgrade or downgrade the monthly engagement by notifying the contractor.

Client sign-up: