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Be seen on Google page1 or get a refund

Through a combination of direct and indirect positioning, our SEO and PR team can guarantee that your company will be represented on page 1 of Google.

How does it work?

Clients on SELECTED monthly SEO plans, covered by our guarantee, will be visible on page 1 of Google throughout the month. This can be in any one, or a combination of the 5 result types our SEO team produces. If for any month the client does not appear on page 1 for at least 1 result type, they receive a
FULL REFUND for that month. So you may wonder: If it is impossible for anyone in the world to guarantee that a specific page on your website will always be visible on Google page, how do we achieve page 1 representation to guarantee results?

We use a combination of 5 ways to achieve page1 ranking:

Businesses that qualify

We specialize in several industries. Prominent niches include Accountants, Lawyers, TECH companies, Health & Medical companies, Tourism & Hotels and several more. Contact us to check if your business qualifies for the guaranteed monthly SEO plan. 

There are certain industries, including adult and pharmaceutical, which does not qualify, due to Google Maps and News restrictions. Please contact us first for an assessment of your business.