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Godaddy Affiliate Program? Earn 30X More with Sitetrail and Keep Your Godaddy Income

Sitetrail Godaddy Affiliate Marketing Comparison

Are you a publisher or affiliate promoting web hosting? While Godaddy offers a standard affiliate program, are you aware that businesses typically spend 130X more on digital marketing than web hosting?

This means there’s a massive untapped potential for significantly higher earnings through promoting digital marketing solutions.

Introducing Sitetrail: Your One-Stop Shop for Digital Marketing – Proven Flagship Product!

[A little secret: Our flagship product earns $799/month and the market for it is huge!]

Sitetrail understands the limitations of solely relying on web hosting affiliate programs. That’s why we offer a lucrative digital marketing affiliate program designed to supercharge your earnings and complement your existing Godaddy income.

Examples of big publishers already profiting from Sitetrail:

Sitetrail Affiliates

If you are making money from Godaddy, here’s why Sitetrail is your best revenue add-on:

Keep Your Godaddy Revenue: We understand you’ve built valuable relationships with Godaddy. There’s no pressure to switch – keep your existing Godaddy income and add Sitetrail’s digital marketing program for a powerful revenue boost.

Earn 30X More: Compared to standard web hosting affiliate programs, Sitetrail’s digital marketing program offers significantly higher commissions, allowing you to earn up to 30 times more.

Recurring Revenue Streams: We offer recurring commissions on various digital marketing products, including NewsPass. This flagship product, for instance, boasts a monthly subscription fee of $799, which significantly dwarfs the typical web hosting cost.

Tapping The Full Market Potential: While benchmarks suggest businesses spend 7-10% of revenue on digital marketing, this figure can vary widely and be as much as 40%. Sitetrail empowers you to tap into this vast, untapped market and help businesses unlock their full revenue potential.

Partner with Sitetrail: A Win-Win Proposition

By becoming a Sitetrail affiliate, you can:

  • Earn significantly higher commissions compared to traditional web hosting programs.
  • Benefit from recurring revenue streams through our diverse digital marketing solutions.
  • Help businesses achieve their marketing goals and contribute to their success.


Ready to Take Your Affiliate Marketing to the Next Level?

Join the Sitetrail affiliate program here.

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SItetrail’s Flagship Membership Program for $799/month

 We offer comprehensive support, dedicated resources, and a dedicated affiliate manager to ensure your success.

Don’t settle for average – unleash the full potential of your affiliate marketing efforts with Sitetrail.

Beating Godaddy Affiliate Rates By A Long Shot:

So how do you top up your Godaddy earnings with something a lot more profitable that the same audience will use? The opportunity presented by Sitetrail is particularly rare due to the expansive and continually growing field of digital marketing. Unlike web hosting, which is a foundational and often one-time decision for businesses, digital marketing encompasses a broad spectrum of ongoing needs, from SEO and content marketing to social media management and beyond. This sector’s dynamic nature means businesses are continually investing in these services to remain competitive, creating a fertile ground for affiliates to generate substantial and recurring income.

Web Hosting and Digital Marketing goes hand in hand: The disparity in spending between web hosting and digital marketing is stark. While web hosting is a necessary but basic service, digital marketing represents a strategic investment for businesses aiming to grow, engage their audience, and increase their revenue. This strategic importance translates into higher budgets and more significant expenditures, offering affiliates a chance to earn more by tapping into these larger spends.

For affiliates, marketing Sitetrail’s digital marketing solutions can seamlessly integrate into their existing content, email lists, and social media accounts. Content creators can leverage their platforms to educate their audience on the importance of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, showcasing how Sitetrail’s services can address these needs. This approach not only provides value to their audience but also positions the affiliate as a trusted advisor in the digital marketing space.

Email marketing can be tailored to highlight the benefits of Sitetrail’s offerings, targeting subscribers already interested in enhancing their online presence. Similarly, social media accounts can be used to share success stories, case studies, and the tangible results achieved through Sitetrail’s digital marketing solutions, creating compelling narratives that resonate with potential clients.

This strategy leverages existing relationships and platforms to promote Sitetrail, making it a low-effort yet high-reward opportunity. The combination of high commission rates, the recurring nature of digital marketing services, and the broad appeal of these services across industries makes the Sitetrail affiliate program a potentially lucrative and passive income stream. It stands as a rare opportunity to not only complement but significantly exceed earnings from traditional web hosting affiliate programs, offering a path to achieving greater financial success in the affiliate marketing domain.


If you THINK that Godaddy affiliates are earning a lot just because you saw how CNET, TechRadar, Forbes Advisor and PCMag along with other Ziff Davies brands raked in substantial affiliate revenue – this is nothing compared to the revenue potential from the Sitetrail Digital Marketing Affiliate Program. Why? Simply because everyone who starts a website, needs to market it – and they spend SO much more on marketing.

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