Short video ad for Facebook, Youtube and Instagram


Professional video production: Short video ads suitable for Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin and Instagram. Complete project delivery within 21 days.



Short video ads is the new buzz word in digital marketing. This is thanks to Facebook, Youtube and Instagram taking the lead in video marketing. B2B clients also use the Linkedin platform to distribute video ads successfully. With the average consumer having a short concentration span, the perfect video duration is 30 seconds.


Super cool accents:

American, British or European/South African accents available.


Our proven workflow is easy and convenient for anyone. The delivery process runs over several stages


1) scripwriting
2) sketches (to show basic composition of the scenes)
3) storyboard (illustrations how they will look like in the final video)
4) soundworks (music + voiceover)
5) animation
6) final delivery

(File formats suitable for Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin and your own website)



Collaborative script writing:

Our scriptwirter will develop an awesome script for your project. You just need to tell as as more information about your company or service as possible. But at the same time – if you have a vision of the future video – share it with us. This can be really helpfull.


Video Orientation
  • Vertical (9:16)
  • Horizontal (16:9)
  • Square (1:1)