PPC campaign setup for Google Adwords & Linkedin


Complete campaign setup for Google Adwords + Linkedin B2B platform. Including keyword research, search & display campaigns and 5 sets of ad copy (professional copywriting included).



Reach thousands of new clients via Google Adwords and the Linkedin B2B advertising plaform. Complete campaign setup across Google Adwords & Linkedin all delivered within 7 days.

Your consultant will be Adriaan Brits who is a well known digital marketing specialist and instructor for Advanced Adwords & Analytics as well as BingAds and Digital Marketing research.


The PPC package includes:


  1. Keyword research and campaign design
  2. Copywriting (5 sets of ad copy)
  3. Display and Search campaigns on Adwords
  4. Sponsored InMail & Display campaigns on Linkdin
  5. Delivery time: 7 Days
  6. Setup, activation, research and one round of campaign optimization
  7. Post campaign support: 4 Hours of additional email support included


Required by the client:


  1. Provide Adwords & Linkedin access to the consultant
  2. Provide a written email for the sponsored InMail mailblast
  3. Provide Logo’s & company images for display ad design
  4. Client needs to pay Google & Linkedin charges per click and needs to specify a budget


Video by campaign specialist Adriaan Brits: