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Google News Single Editorial

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Introductory offer for new clients: Publish your own newsworthy article on a Google News approved website. Business, Finance, Tech, Travel, Crypto categories accepted.


Publish your own news article on a Google News site. Fast Service.

Get your branded story featured in a prestigious news category. We’d like to make it easy for you to get started with a great introductory offer. Try our press release service today for just $99.

How it works

You produce a news article that is a minimum of 700 words containing 1 link to your website and 1 external authority link. We will review and publish within 24 hours if the editor does not have any change requests.

Fast-track ORM

This can be used as a fast-track online reputation management service to release important news and provide an online presence.

Popular categories include Luxury / entertainment, legal, real estate agente, TECH startups, travel and tourism companies, B2B service businesses, research companies, other PR agencies, digital etc. 

FAQ's - everything you need to know

We do not allow these categories:

Casino, Gambling, Alcohol, Adult / Pornography, Medical, Fortune telling, Essay Writing, Weapons, Politics. 

Do not submit any news from the above categories for this news sites. We may have other sites that are suitable for this purpose. 

All other categories that are clean, business related content are genrally acceptable. 

This is a secret only the best digital marketers know: It is simply because Google News ranking is not determined by site metrics, but by the structure and richness of the content submitted.

This is not a sponsored article for commercial purposes. You’re simply paying us to collate facts and data about your business – and to pass it onto our media contacts.

Off course we will ensure that it is newsworthy and you will approve the article prior to publication.

 If the article is NOT indexed, you will receive a full refund – or we will do a second attempt at no charge. The decision on whether or not to index an article lies with Google.

For this price, you need to provide your own newsworthy article and send it to us in a GDoc or DocX file. 

Yes, we also accept articles written by other agencies or your marketing team. It will still be reviewed and edited to ensure it is newsworthy and in compliance with important criteria. 

In the US alone, Google News receives more than 300M visitors per month. This is bigger than the majority of news sites. 

It is more rapid: For the same set of keywords, organic SEO rankings can take months to achieve – where an appearance in the News results can happen within hours. It will not be your site that ranks – but the news site that we use to publish your news. 

Often, over the span of 3 to 6 months, Google News articles tend to earn links from Wikipedia and other important outlets.

This is not to support instant organic SEO. It is to appear in the NEWS tab of Google search results for relevant keywords. Additionally, it supports referral traffic and brand awareness. In some cases, Google prioritizes news snippets in organic results.

Long term benefits certainly include authority link baiting.

Based on the initial information you provide us, within 3 hours we submit a written draft for your consideration. Once approved by you, our team will immediately publish it on a Google News site, After this, indexing usually happens within 1 or 2 hours. Total turnaround time – around 8 hours.

Ready to proceed?


Order this service now and see your news live in a matter of hours. 

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CWCEO at Chillweb design group
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Adriaan and team are outstanding professionals. Delivered exactly as promised and well worth every dollar. Highly recommended!
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We worked with Adriaan on several projects now, - Great results, no complaints - Easy to work with, and professional service - Delivers on time
FydcoinFydCoin Crypto group
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There are levels to writing: The journalist went above and beyond to write a great article. Highly recommend and will order again! Thank you!
D. Pollock
D. Pollock
Board member, Outsourcing group
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We were picked up by at least 50+ news channels and were very happy with these results. Highly recommended. Quick and communicative.
Film producer, Los Angeles
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Love Adriaan!!! We've done several projects together and he's simply the best. Very hard-working, quick, wonderful person to work with and know! 10 out of 10 stars!
Owner, health and wellness brand
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Sitetrail went over and beyond expectations time and time again. They think quickly and smartly on their feet and use their initiative really well, which I appreciate. Thank you very much!
Owner at TrossCreative
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Hired to write a linked news article. Top-notch writing, needed absolutely no edits. Delivered super fast, and as promised. Very nice attention to details and understood the goal better than most, top professionals. Highly recommended.

150 Film stars, 45 Film producers, 250 law firms, 120 SEO agencies and 25 hotel groups can’t be wrong. Try our service today and see for yourself.


Introductory offer for new clients: Publish your own newsworthy article on a Google News approved website. Business, Finance, Tech, Travel, Crypto categories accepted.