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Obtain An Author Profile With The World's Leading Business Magazines

The ultimate token of influence is your author profile and your valuable expert opinion published in the worlds’ leading business magazines. 

We can open the right doors to make this happen – and support you with premium editorial services for best results. 

Premium Media Footprint

Establish a footprint in the media and be seen as a top authority in your industry.

Increase Trust

Increase rates and conversions by increasing trust and credibility.


Association with premium influential media sites leads to improved reputation.

Our connections to other media owners mean that in many cases, we’re able to arrange an approved author profile with some of the biggest most prestigious media brands in the world. This means that you can work directly with our editorial support team and the editors of premium news sites to get your expert opinion pieces published on highly reputable news sites. 

This is a very confidential service only available in specific cases, to premium clients. 


Step 1: We will assist you in drafting an author bio and present it to our contacts at premium media sites to get you approved as a writer. 

Step 2: Our editorial team will then work with you to produce content that conforms with publisher guidelines to enable publication of your content. In most cases we assist you with at least 3 publications depending on our agreement. 

We will evaluate clients on a case by case basis and advise you on whether you meet the requirements to obtain a prestigious author profile. 

This is typically for C-level individuals who have valuable opinions and expertise to share about their industries. It is not for marketers who are seeking to publish content or do SEO for their clients. 

Based on the above guidance of who this is ideally suited for – the logical contention is that it is not for blunt self-promotional content, but rather for thought leadership that is carefully crafted. 

We will assess your case and advise you of suitability and cost for your industry. 

The good news is that it will NOT cost you $50K which is what many agencies charge to get you covered in premium business magazines. 

It is however a prestigious opportunity and will not be suitable for companies or leaders without a suitable budget. 

Apply Now:

Please fill in the form below as accurately as possible. Our CEO will assess your case and discuss it with relevant media contacts and will revert to you in due course.