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Journalists are often grossly underpaid for their tireless quest for information. They do all this with the hope of one day deserving the level of credit they deserve. The few who make it to the top, finally reach exposure to a new trend where they are accused of spreading “fake news” whenever their narrative clashes with that of aggressive businessmen.

Fortunately, the world is changing and journalists are shaping their own future.

Increasingly, in an interconnected world, there is the need for journalists to distance themselves from other influencers at the core of society – and frankly, to make up the income gap that results from all the additional hours they dedicate towards a good cause:

Sitetrail is a discreet intermediary facility that acts as a special link between journalists, ordinary people and those at the core of society.

Starting a relationship with Sitetrail will ensure that you increase your earnings substantially without risking your reputation or breaching any industry standards.

For a confidential discussion on how we can work together to increase your income and recognition, contact our CEO today:

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