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Position your business at the top of the affiliate ecosystem, with innovative, reliable and affordable technology. The core concept of performance marketing is that affiliates receive payment when a successful sale occurs. It is no secret that affiliate marketing is highly lucrative for those higher up the chain – as Jeff Bezos from Amazon can confirm. 

Lately, affiliate networks capitalized on the profitability and other benefits (such as branding and SEO) which is brought by affiliate marketing. By introducing large network fees, they effectively “tax” the industry, eroding profit margins. Furthermore, many such as CJ Affiliate, Rakuten and Shareasale, charge excessive upfront fees before letting businesses into their network. 


Any business that is serious about affiliate retention, data privacy and a sustainable competitive strategy, will cut out affiliate networks and operate a self-hosted affiliate software. 


Affiliates bring a multitude of benefits to your business. When using the correct system, these include:

Yet any smart affiliate system, will reward both the principle company (YOU) – and the affiliate. The best system will also create long-term sustainability and security for both participants. 

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Thanks to businesses who were all too willing to give their data to third party networks, Amazon, for example, have studied carefully what the relationship is between manufacturers, retailers and affiliates. As Amazon proceeded to grab hold of the entire supply chain, both retailers and affiliates have been made redundant in the Amazon ecosystem.

Affiliate networks are not there to protect your business strategically: They will use you as a case study to sell your competitors on a subscription too – and will profit from all participants on an open marketplace. 

When you onboard a new affiliate and refer them to a 3rd party network, you will do the hard work for your competitor, as the next logical step will be for the affiliate to also sell your competitors’ product.

Intermediary networks provide ZERO SEO value. Our system will require that affiliates build DIRECT links to your website, which will boost your overall domain authority. This is a major game changer for SEO and online visibility. 

By running a self-hosted affiliate system – none of the above issues are a concern, as you are in complete control of your own data, without any competition from within a network,. 


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In this example we will compare CJAffiliate with our top of the range self-hosted WordPress affiliate system. It will assume that the overall affiliate turnover is $450K


Registration, installation and access: $10K

Annual affiliate recruitment: $4K

Commissions: $27K

Total annual cost: $41K

SEO value: $ ZERO


Our powerful self-hosted WordPress affiliate system:

Installation: $2K

Annual affiliate recruitment: $6K

Commissions: $0

Total annual cost: $8K

SEO value: $ thousands!


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Every network charges additional fees to expose your brand to their affiliates – and simply reiterate the fact that it is a competitive marketplace. This is part of their revenue strategy – which comes at a cost. 

Our solution:

Through a combination of tactics, we can equip you to attract your own affiliates and establish a direct relationship with them. It is truely a fraternity without borders – as there are people on every continent that may be interested in promoting your products. Currently, there are more than 100 countries with digital entrepreneurs who participate in both the US and EU economies. At a time of high employment levels in the US, affiliate marketers are scarce. We will help you source them from around the globe!


Read more below about the specific features of the self-hosted affiliate system for WordPress: