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Annual Digital Marketing Plan

Securing unrivaled strategic benefit when you need it most

Smart business owners incur significant savings with an annual digital marketing plan.
Doing this without compromising quality is like adding money to your bank account.

Why an annually pre-paid plan is an obvious choice:

Bulk pricing on media buys

A reduced cost base thanks to bulk media deals for annual clients leads to a higher ROI and competitive advantage.

Lower management fees

An annual plan significantly reduces unnecessary management functions, cutting costs.

Improved media reputation

Media owners favour companies with annual deals, leading to a better reputation and more visibility

Securing top US/UK talent

Qualified content writers are in short-supply in the US/UK. 80% of CMO’s agree it is impossible to replace them with cheap Indian labour.


No need to re-issue specifications to new teams throughout the year. Work with a single point of contact.

Better strategic execution

Stop losing the fight and start winning the war by betting on a reliable long-term strategic partner

Any combination of our services can be incorporated into a much more beneficial annual plan, with additional bonus items to drive above-average results.

Included is unrivaled direct  channel access to Google News and other important news outlets. 

“Our top performing clients know that locking in the most valuable human resources at preferential rates set them apart from competitors. Agency exclusivity brings added peace of mind that the competition cannot emulate their results” (Adriaan Brits, CEO, Sitetrail)


How it works:

  • A strategic marketing expert assesses your business needs through a combination of competitor research and an analysis of your current market position, goals and resources.
  • Once we agree on the best annual marketing plan for execution, a core team is then assembled to focus intensely on your business case.
  • This include top writers who study your business and it’s audience, while copywriters find out how to outsmart your competition. Our web and PR team will then collaborate to get you into important news channels and to drive targeted traffic to your business.
  • We review analytics results frequently, report on it and revise the strategy regularly as needed in consultation with our clients.

Experts involved behind the scenes:

  • Copywriters
  • Technical writers
  • Analytics experts
  • Web designers
  • User-experience designers
  • Strategic planners
  • Media buyers
  • Influencer outreach executives

How much savings do businesses incur?

In the majority of SME cases, we reduce the cost base by at least 30%. For enterprises with larger annual budgets this can exceed the 50% mark, leading to very dominant market positions and obvious strategic advantages.

Businesses that qualify

We work with well-funded businesses that have an annual budget ranging between $90K and $750K. The business has to be scalable in any of the 20+ industries where we have strong media ownership and connections to ensure maximum ROI.

Next steps: