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Step1: Collate all the client brief information and paste it in the “client brief information” section. 

Literally just create & paste the following brief information to generate your press release:

News announcement:

The CEO of Lalaland Construction Announces A New Project On An Artificial Island In The Florida Keys.

Key points to write about:

Key Points:

  • CEO Rebecca Thompsonland of Lalaland Construction announces a groundbreaking project in the Florida Keys.
  • The project involves the creation of a magnificent artificial island in the pristine waters.
  • The development spans over 100 acres and will feature luxurious residential and commercial spaces.
  • Planning permission for such a venture in the environmentally regulated area is exceptionally rare.
  • Lalaland Construction aims to redefine coastal living with sustainable and innovative design.
  • The project will enhance the region’s charm and offer breathtaking waterfront views.
  • Lalaland Construction showcases its commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge development.

Contact details:

Investor relations department



Step2: Copy the response provided by the writing assistant, review the information and make sure it is accurate. 


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