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Clients love our approach to secure authentic media coverage: a guaranteed published interview, or your money back. 

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Have you tried to hire a media fixer but failed to see results? Our transparent media service discloses the exact news organization that will publish your interview.  Our approach is simple: A transparent arrangement fee, with guaranteed publication or your money back. We will use our media connections to secure a fast, reliable interview which will be published as a full feature editorial news article.  

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Increased trust, brand awareness and better sales are all associated with great media coverage. Let us help you. 

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Simple Proven Process

Our Process typically takes less than 48 hours from start to finish.


Order Our Service Discreetly

When you hire Sitetrail as your media fixer – nobody has to know. We will connect you to the right people swiftly.


Provide Your Brief

Tell us exactly how you want to be presented in the media by filling in our guided questionnaire 


Approve Final Draft

Editors will produce a draft article within 24 hours for your approval. Final publication is typically within 2 days of approval. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ’s below before moving ahead with the next steps. 

Yes. Please see the brief form for publication names. You may also have been informed via email if we invited you for an interview opportunity. 

We love to keep it simple: Our company has good media connections, with a straightforward approach to get you covered in the news:

  1. You will fill in a brief to tell us more about your business and how you need to be seen in the media. SEO and PR details will be gathered in the brief so we can optimize the editorial writing. 
  2. Written interviews, feature editorials, or mentioning your brand alongside THE MOST POPULAR names in your industry – all of this is possible. If you want a video recorded interview to be embedded in the news article, then an interview will be arranged. After the interview we will edit the video to perfection and share it with you for approval. 
  3. Editors will then write a 1000 word article based on the interview and your brief. Both you and the editorial team will get to approve the final article before it goes live. 

The brief filled in by our clients will be shared with the editors of the newspaper we work with. They will pre-approve or decline it. Therefore, by the time we have an interview, we will already have received confirmation of approval. 

If for any reason, political or economical or otherwise media owners decline the interview, we guarantee you a full refund. 

A wide range of topics, such as an interview, opinion piece, feature editorial and many more formats are possible. Typically we can have a DO-Follow backlink to your website, along with an image embed and video, with 1000 words of optimized content, which will be professionally written. 

Yes please rest assured. This is not sponsored advertising. You are paying us for our time and connections, to help you facilitate an interview with appropriate editorial guidance. Since you are not paying the newspaper, it is not considered “paid / sponsored advertising”.  

It is important to note that the use of advertorial language cannot be a prerequisite for client approval. You should be guided by our experienced editorial team for best results. 

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