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Unlimited Access To 6 X Sites. (4 X Google News Sites with DO-Follow links)

Incur huge savings, increase profitability + SEO & PR visibility for content marketing

Create unlimited guest posts and press releases, live within 12 hours

24/7 Unlimited Google News Publisher Access

Get your own author profile


Pay monthly and cancel anytime you wish:

Pay annually and save 12%

Please Read FAQ’s before ordering

Obtain an author profile for 1 Google News site +  Access to 3 more High DA News Sites + 2 Bonus sites. Publish UNLIMITED news articles & content.

Niches included: /technology /business / finance /travel /dating education /entertainment + 1 Health news site

How it works:

We will set you up as an author with your own profile on ONE Google News site. We will ALSO give you access to unlimited articles on 4 more DA 30 to DA70 Google News sites which focus on Business, Technology and Entertainment. As a bonus, if you need health related news posts, access to 1 Health site is also included.  Clients can then submit unlimited high-quality articles, which are published on each website. One guaranteed DO-Follow link per article is allowed. Agency clients can charge clients for each post, or business clients can simply enjoy unlimited access.

The cost: One fixed subscription fee of just $199/month for UNLIMITED PRESS RELEASE / EDITORIAL NEWS publication. 


Execute in 3 Easy Steps:



Set Up A Profile

We will set up a professional news contributor profile. The profile is based on specific guidelines to ensure legitimacy. You will then be provided with full access.


Create & Publish

You can create genuine authentic fact based news. This can include news about your company and industry. Make sure it complies with guidelines in order to go live 24/7.


Check Results

As you publish and share news, your stories can be discovered online and in the Google Newsfeed of specific news sites. Over time, this will build momentum and brand visibility.

100% White hat compliance:

The sites themselves do not sell links, neither do they charge clients for a sponsored post. The service fee charged by Sitetrail as a third-party supplier is strictly for editorial supervision and hosting of digital assets.

Writers will get their own login and profile on one news website – and all your articles will appear under one profile. Plus, get unlimited news articles three more DA50 to DA70 Google News sites. 

Setup Ready in 24 Hours

All new users will be fully set up and ready to publish in 24 hours or less, including on weekends. 


Our Clients In The News

Frequently Asked Questions:

Currently, 6 X Sites are included. 4 X Google News Approved Websites + 2 Bonus websites. Unlimited access – publish as many posts as you want:  

Agency profit examples:

Agency sells 12 outreach  articles @ $300

Gross income: $3600

Less subscription -$199

Net profit: $3200                  

Agency sells 24 articles @ $300

Gross income: $7200

Less subscription -$199

Net profit: $7000

The Google Newsfeed (news.google.com) is visited by more than 360M visitors per month. 

It is the most-used newsfeed in the world. 

Fair usage policy: 

To ensure that all participants are successful and profitable – and that the editorial process and quality of the participating websites are not compromised, the following fair usage policy will apply:

  1. Vertical RPM price restriction: Users can publicly advertise guest posts on freelance or marketplace websites. Sponsored posts / Guest posts cannot be advertised for a price that is lowered than what is charged by each supplier website, which is the price listed on Sitetrail. This is not a horizontal price agreement between competitors, but a requirement stipulated by Sitetrail, which is the supplier of the service.Example:  If Sitetrail, or the supplier website lists a sponsored post price of $300, writers cannot offer it for $50 on a freelancing website or marketplace.
  1. Editorial guidelines: Each website may have editorial guidelines, to do with minimum word-count and allowable topics/niches. You are responsible for meeting such guidelines. Doing this will ensure that posts go live without delay.
  2. Reseller policy: Users cannot resell the same unlimited package to others for a monthly recurring fee. Any guest posts / sponsored posts must be sold individually as per the vertical RPM restriction above.
  3. Gambling/Casino Health, Adult, Pornography links and content are strictly not allowed
  4. FAKE NEWS: News editors will NOT allow fake news to be distributed. All information needs to be accurate.

Breaching this fair usage policy will result in account suspension.

Please be smart about this as it is important to make this concept work in your favor. You will craft an author bio and send it to us. We may suggest adjustments in some cases. 

What a profile should look like:

Look at any good CNBC or Businessinsider article and see the author profile. This is exactly what your author profile should look like: It should convey expertise and trust. Even if you do work in the PR industry as an agent – you’d need to be smart about this and create a suitable, trustworthy profile. 

What a profile CANNOT look like:

“Best SEO and PR Expert with 10 years experience writing for Forbes and CNN”

Any outright self-promotion or stating that you the author is a PR or SEO expert is not acceptable.

If you are a SEO Expert:

Then be creative and create a general news writer or analyst profile, this will not give the game away – and this is what smart SEO people do!

We created this service because the concept of using traditional duplicate newswires is flawed: journalists are independent thinkers who want to find their own stories fresh from the Google Newsfeed, not “promoted” via a newswire!

With this package our clients have unlimited access to numerous Google News outlets – and those who create interesting stories, reach journalists. 

However: if this service is used to create blunt adverts that are overly promotional, expecting journalists to pay attention to it will be unrealistic. 


This package is only suitable for clients who write their news own content. If you require a writing service, or need lower volume higher quality packages then please search our PR options by industry here. 

This package is a good fit for the following types of clients:

  • Content marketing specialists and SEO practitioners who want an advantage in the Business, Finance & Tech sectors
  • In-house marketers and communication specialists
  • New journalists who seek to build a strong portfolio of online thought leadership
  • Digital PR specialists seeking to expand their reach
  • Businesses who want to reduce the high and obtain an alternative to Reuters, Cision & PRWEB.
  • Business owners & executives managing their own PR

It is also suggested that clients make use of other stronger editorial news options throughout the year. These news packages should be specifically for your industry. To get find great additional options to add, search PR options by industry here. 

NO. This is not a newswire service. It is much better. This is your gateway to appear directly in Google News. Please read these definitions for more clarity:

A Newswire service duplicates your content onto other news sites, which can in term be harmful for SEO. Google only shows the first publication as it disregards duplicate content. 

An Editorial News site is typically approved by Google News, and adheres to high editorial standards. It does not publish duplicate content and only accepts content that is 100% unique. 

Meeting article quality requirements are important. Here you can see guidelines on how to write editorial news

No article is guaranteed to be published regardless of quality and all articles are subject to meeting editorial requirements.

All articles must be 700 words. 

For content to be included in the Google News feed, it must have a newsworthy title and 1st paragraph, which is genuine, true news. 

Articles cannot usually be sales-orientated or sheer self-promotion. If this is the case, notice that the article will be marked as sponsored by editors. 

No editorial and language assistance is available to authors, therefore a good command of English is required. 

These articles are seen as authoritative. They attract more links and are therefore better for SEO, Reputation Management and PR. 

Being seen as an authority in the news on a specific topic, also helps with business development and branding.  



You will have an opportunity to target the 360M+ monthly users who regularly use Google News.  Google targeting is more advanced than outdated Press Release Wires that sends spam to journalists. It works by using the keywords in your articles to target users as follows:

a) Interest feed: Since Google has a history of what a user is interested in, it will show similar news content in their feed every day. This happens without the user necessarily searching for your content, due to their previous behavior. 

b) News searches: People who search for specific keywords will see specific, related news. 

Targeting is thus done via keywords – and that is why a lot of news writers include the names of popular competitors and other major trends: to attract more attention. You’ll be able to do the same. 

If you used traditional and outdated press wires which duplicated your content: This approach will give unique content, all indexed in Google News, with links that are valuable for SEO. 

Some news you will be able to submit under your own name using the relevant tone, and other news you’ll be able to submit via another authoritative author – which is useful for quoting your own company. 

Get Started:

Pay monthly and cancel anytime you wish:

Pay annually and save 12%

Please read FAQ’s before ordering

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