Most Profitable Side-Hustle For Digital Marketing Enthusiasts

Digital Marketing Side-Hustle for professional marketers and PR PRO's

Join the side hustle revolution designed for savvy digital marketing and PR enthusiasts. Leverage your connections, amplify their reach with Sitetrail, and secure a recurring, lucrative passive income that could surpass your main job in just 3 months. Start advising, start earning.

Let Your Side Hustle Exceed Your Main Salary in 3 Months and Quit Your Job

Are you a seasoned Digital Marketing or PR Professional with a vast network? Imagine tapping into a side hustle that not only complements your main income but has the potential to overtake it within a mere 3 months.

Why Sitetrail?

  • At Sitetrail, we’ve set the gold standard in the marketing service industry with our exceptional Lifetime Value.
  • The industry size is $300 Billion with plenty of opportunities for client-side consultants leveraging our program.
  • Our recurring monthly access pass offers unparalleled reach across Google News and beyond, empowering businesses to dominate their online presence.
  • Some Sitetrail services are 100% unique so you do not have to compete against other companies when sharing this opportunity with businesses. 
  • Fast payouts – within 2 weeks of clients placing an order!


Your Role: The Strategic Advisor

Guide your professional connections to join Sitetrail.

Make more connections every week.

Offer them innovative ideas to maximize their digital footprint.

Earn a generous recurring commission each month, as long as they stay subscribed.

The Opportunity

This isn’t just another affiliate program. It’s a chance to be part of a select group of influential advisors who:

Seek substantial passive income.

Desire to monetize their extensive B2B networks.

Aim to transition from their 9-to-5 grind to full financial autonomy.

Simple, Reliable Process

1. Apply below to become approved

Provide us with your details and a valid Paypal ID to receive payments when applying to become an approved Sitetrail affiliate. 

An established Linkedin network is your own, no matter who you work for! 

Leverage your existing network and reach out to new connections. Strike up conversations and provide suggestions based on our services. 

Simply add your affiliate tracking number to the service you suggest – and we will automatically track the conversion and pay you a commission. 

Automate: Use affordable Linkedin automation software to automatically send out 100 messages and connection requests per day – and only talk to those who express a genuine interest. 

Keep in touch and keep selling to the same clients for years!

Digital marketing services are recurring in nature due to several reasons, and they play a significant role in achieving a high customer lifetime value. Here’s an explanation of these concepts:

Recurring Nature of Digital Marketing Services

  1. Continuous Strategy Evolution: The digital landscape is constantly evolving, with new platforms, technologies, and user behaviors emerging regularly. This requires ongoing adjustments and updates to strategies, making digital marketing an ongoing process rather than a one-time effort.

  2. Data-Driven Optimization: Digital marketing relies heavily on data and analytics to measure performance. This continuous flow of data necessitates regular adjustments to campaigns to optimize performance, requiring ongoing management and tweaking.

  3. Content Creation and Management: Creating, publishing, and managing content is a continuous process. Websites need fresh content for SEO, social media platforms require regular posts, and email marketing involves periodic newsletters and updates.

  4. Customer Engagement and Retention: Engaging with and retaining customers through digital channels is an ongoing effort. Brands need to consistently interact with their audience to stay relevant and top-of-mind.

  5. Adapting to Algorithm Changes: Search engines and social media platforms frequently update their algorithms. Marketers need to adapt their strategies to these changes to ensure visibility and engagement.

High Customer Lifetime Value

  1. Long-Term Relationships: Effective digital marketing fosters long-term relationships with customers. By consistently delivering value and engaging with customers, brands can increase the likelihood of repeat business.

  2. Cross-Selling and Upselling Opportunities: Through data analysis, companies can identify opportunities for cross-selling and upselling, enhancing the customer’s value over time.

  3. Brand Loyalty: Consistent and personalized marketing efforts help in building brand loyalty, leading to customers choosing the brand over competitors repeatedly.

Importance of Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

  1. Personalized Marketing Approach: ABM focuses on key accounts and offers personalized marketing strategies. This targeted approach increases the relevance and effectiveness of marketing efforts, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

  2. Aligns Sales and Marketing Efforts: ABM requires close collaboration between sales and marketing teams, ensuring that efforts are aligned and more effective in targeting high-value accounts.

  3. Efficient Use of Resources: By concentrating resources on a smaller number of high-value accounts, ABM allows for more efficient use of marketing budgets and resources.

  4. Higher ROI: ABM typically results in a higher return on investment compared to more general marketing approaches, as it targets accounts with a higher likelihood of conversion and long-term value.

Profitability Made Clear

  • With 40 clients, you’re looking at $13,000/month.
  • Surpass 60 clients, and you’re entering the $20,000/month realm.


Simply advise your established contacts to switch to Sitetrail for their MUST-HAVE PR Access to Google News, check in with them once a month, and earn phenomenal passive income.

You Worked Hard to establish your contacts in a rewarding industry – now monetize them properly!

Who is This For?

We’re seeking the crème de la crème — individuals with:

Either 1000+ Linkedin connections or the willingness to scale up their connection levels fast.

A desire to leverage a high-converting service in press release distribution and online marketing.

A passion for sustaining long-term professional relationships.

Leverage Our Platform

Utilize our established systems and media connections.

Let our team handle the heavy lifting.

Focus on strategic advisory with your connections.


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