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I'm Adriaan Brits, a digital and strategic marketing consultant, Linkedin learning instructor and outreach media owner. I authored the popular Linkedin course "Digital Marketing Research" with more than 120 000 enrolments to date. I help businesses and agencies plan their PR and media buying: See my boutique marketing agency at www.adriaanbrits.com and connect with me on Linkedin

Five Tips For Low-Cost Digital Marketing Campaigns

pay per click

Five Tips For Low-Cost Digital Marketing Campaigns Digital marketing has proved to be heavily effective for businesses all across the globe, allowing them to enhance their online presence across the web. It’s no secret that digital marketing campaigns can cost a lot of money, with both SEO and PPC campaigns …

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Business friendly Singapore: A jurisdiction favoured by many

There comes a time where every entrepreneur, family trust or corporate entity take things back to the drawing board: this includes ample consideration as to their preferred tax and trade jurisdiction. Often this even involves economic migration, particularly when it turns out that a destination has a desirable combination of …

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How Forex Trading Can Create a Second Income

We live in a time of disappearing jobs and underemployment. Even though the American economy has expanded greatly in the past year, it’s not the sort of growth that the average citizen feels in a huge way. Advancement has come within specialized industries, and is sopped up by specialists in …

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Long hours on-screen? Get a peak office chair

Cumfy chairs for long hours are not just for dentists, surgeons and architecs – but indeed for all officer workers. Can’t think of a better tool for a digital marketer than a “Peak Office Chair”.    It’s not a new trend either: “modern ergonomics emerged as a result of World …

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EU fines Google $2.42BN for “anti-trust”

The European Commission has fined Google a record-breaking €2.42 billion for antitrust violations pertaining to its Google’s Shopping search comparison service — in what is widely considered the most significant antitrust ruling in Europe since the 2004 Microsoft decision. To be honest, although this fine seems unfair, we’d rather see the …

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Channelling your energy to enhance mobile conversion performance with the use of mobile user research techniques and tools. A case of conversion rate optimization for mobile

Conversion rate optimization

Let’s just say it, mobile is it. Stats indicate that mobile continue to be the growth platform for people gaining access to websites, and it over took desktop. But marketers still focus on desktop. Worse is that consumers are getting comfortable to buy using their handsets. It’s understandable that marketers …

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