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Top free apps that you can use to read PDF files on your Smartphone

Sites include . Published on November 8th, 2013. Written by Charlie Brown.

You may not realize it but PDF files have more importance than you may give it credit for. People belonging to various professions use this on an almost daily basis as it is an environment friendly solution and performs all the functions that a humble piece of paper may provide. Essentially, a PDF document can envelop eBooks, forms, manuals, reference materials and the likes which can be used widely by office goers and students on the go. It takes up very less space on your device’s drive and is excellent if you wish to get your work done while travelling long or short distances. Besides, PDF files are not just modern but also a green alternative and therefore, more people are now relying heavily on this medium. PDF files also provide an immense amount of flexibility that just adds on to the reasons as to why you must have this handy program with you either on your smartphone or your tablet. You can even change PDF to JPG within minutes.given below are the top absolutely free PDF apps that you must contemplate downloading for your smartphone. Whether you own a smartphone powered by Android or devices that function solely on iOS; these apps will work excellently well across both platforms. Readers are reminded that you can also save Google books as a PDF and vice versa.

1.)   Foxit Mobile PDF reader:

This free mobile app is specifically for those who give maximum importance to security. With this app, you are entitled toperform a plethora of operations that are essentially security driven like encrypting, decrypting as also securing and reading your PDF files with the aid of a password. Every time you access a new PDF file from your email folder or that from the Dropbox gets autosaved into your app folder so that you can retrieve it without having to go online  every time. if you find certain sections of the PDF file important and wish to mark or highlight it you can do so with its various annotation features. Besides, you can even edit and include your very own signature to personalize it as per your choice. The Foxit Mobile PDF reader works excellently well across iOS, Android, Symbian and even Windows.

2.)   SignEasy:

If you are involved in a job that calls for you to sign numerous documents every single day, this is the perfect app for you that will do all the work for you with just a few taps on the screen. The app is absolutely free and to enjoy more features, all you need to do is create a free account and you are good to go. Once you do this, you are entitled to add additional elements into the form like checkboxes. You can even change PDF to JPG and add images to the file. Besides, one of the most unique aspects about this app is the fact that your signature can be saved into the app so that every time you need to sign a new document, all you need to do is simply paste the saved signature and you will be good to go. This helps save a colossal amount of time and you can get your work done even while travelling.

3.)   PDF Splicer:

This is a free app designed for devices running on iOS and everything that you can possibly do with a document including reading, editing, creating, combining and much more can be done with this single app. The files can be retrieved from external services like emails and will be saved to your app. It is a handy app that can help you take care of multiple functions with ease.

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Jake Thorne is a social media analyst and marketing expert. He has a professional background in media and marketing. He is also a lover of technology and loves performing various tasks that call from him to change PDF to JPG, share tutorials and the likes.

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