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Download BlueStacks for Windows 7/8 & MAC PC (Offline Installer)

Sites include . Published on September 9th, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

BlueStacks is a software that is gaining popularity when it comes to the emulation of Android application. The reality is some people just can’t afford an Android device yet but still want to enjoy certain apps found on Google’s OS. The other reason why certain individuals would want to use an emulator for Android on the desktop is to test apps. This is the case for some developers who do not have the time to switch to a real Android device every now a then just for the sake of checking some few things on the app they are working on. The best is to use an emulator.

This article is going to walk you through the whole process of installing BlueStacks on your computer irrespective of whether you have an Internet connection or not.

What is BlueStacks?

BlueStacks is an app player. It is a software designed to play app that were originally programmed for an Android device. The idea here is to allow developers and other computer lovers to play or test certain games right on their desktop instead of having to switch to a mobile handset. That is called emulation.

Among all the emulators out there, BlueStacks is probably the most popular and the most used. Installing it may be very simple for those who have a PC directly connected to the net. But for those who are not that lucky, getting it to work on their desktop might be a bit tricky. Here is how to to that.

How to install BlueStacks on a computer using an offline setup

Back in the days of Windows XP, installing a software was as simple as downloading an .exe file on the computer, double clicking on it and following the instructions. In this technologically connected world, things have changed a bit: downloading a setup file is no longer the only requirement to get a software to work on your PC. It is necessary that you also have your desktop connected to the net for the installation process to complete.

The reality is most software companies today initially give a small setup file for the user to download but in the process of installing the launched .exe file will now go online and download the other files necessary for the software to work properly. This situation penalizes those who can’t afford the net at home.

The solution is to use an offline setup: you can download it here:

Keep in mind that the offline installer is quite heavy so it might take some time for you to finish the download. Also take note that with the standalone installer you might still bump into some problems while trying to get the software to work on your PC. For example, after finishing the installation you might still have to go and look for other softwares that the emulator may request for before it can perform.

Steps to install BlueStacks using a standalone file (Windows)

  • Click on the link provided above to start the download
  • Wait until the download is complete
  • Double click on the setup file to start the installation
  • You should see the installation wizard window open up
  • Follow the installation instructions to go through the process
  • Keep in mind that it may take 2 or more minutes for the whole installation to finish, just be patient
  • Once the installation is complete, restart the computer
  • After rebooting the PC launch BlueStacks
  • If everything went well the software should work perfectly

Steps to install BlueStacks using a standalone file (Mac)

  • Click on the link provided above to start the download
  • Wait until the download is complete
  • Double click on the .dmg file to allow the system to mount it
  • Double click on the setup file provided on the pop up window to start the installation
  • Follow the instructions to finish the installation process.

Trying to play an app on BlueStacks

Now that BlueStacks has been installed, you might be wondering about how it is used. BlueStacks is actually very easy to use. You can either use the integrated search engine to find the Android app you are looking for or download an .apk file from the net and run it through the emulator. Here are the steps in details.

Remember, using bluestacks you can also access Subway Surfers here.

Finding an app or a game through the integrated search engine

  • Launch BlueStacks
  • Click of the button for App Search
  • Type in the name of the app or game you are interested in (example Temple Run) and hit the find button
  • A list of apps will be presented based on the keyword you typed
  • Click on the install button next to the app you are interested in.
  • Your app is ready to use

Using an .apk file

Sometimes you may not find the app you are looking for through the search bar integrated into BlueStacks. In that case you might want to try and find out if you can get an .apk file that could be run on the emulator. An APK file is the format in which android apps are packaged. You can find some of those file formats by doing a simple search on Google. For example type “Temple Run .apk” in the search. Whenever you get an .apk file online first download it to your desktop before trying to use BlueStacks.

In some cases the BlueStacks software might immediately recognize the file with the .apk extension as soon as you finish download it. If the APK file is recognized you will see the BlueStacks icon on it. You just have to double click the file for the installation to start.

In case the android package is not recognized by BlueStacks, here is what you have to do.

  • Right click on the .apk file
  • Scroll down to “open with” and select “choose default program”
  • A Window will open, click on “browse” on that window
  • Another Window will pop up. This time go to My computer > c > program files > BlueStacks
  • Inside the BlueStacks folder, double click on “HD-ApkHandler”
  • You can now click the OK Button

From that point on, any APK file you download should automatically be recognized by BlueStacks. A soon as you double click on it the emulator will launch.

So this is basically what you need to know concerning the installation of BlueStacks on your PC and how to run android apps on it. Keep in mind that not all apps may function perfectly through the emulator. That said, most of them should run pretty smoothly.

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