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WeChat for PC Download – Windows, Computer, Android, iPhone

Sites include . Published on September 3rd, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

WeChat is an app used by millions of smartphone users to communicate with each other. With it, a user is able to send not just text but also, photos, voice and even videos. The app also offers group chat and the chance that one can find an old friend on the platform is really high. Currently there are over 310 million people using WeChat and the number is still growing.

WeChat turns out to be an app that is much more popular on mobile devices but the fact is chatting on a mobile device is not as comfortable as chatting on a PC. No matter how powerful those smartphones become, the reality is, for the sake of making sure they remain portable, their screen cannot extended beyond a certain length. Using a PC keyboard to chat will always be much more comfortable compared to using the virtual keyboard on a phone. The bottom line is, chatting on a phone will never be as enjoyable as chatting on the PC. For that reason the, question is raised concerning how to use WeChat on a PC. In this article we are going to look at the different ways to do that. So download Wechat which as intended for Android use, for your PC now:

The browser method for quick Wechat Download:

By default WeChat is to be used on a smartphone and there is no official app for PC users but using the browser on your computer, you should still be able to communicate with your friends. This is a feature for which the app really stands out. Let’s say that you were having a nice conversation on WeChat and for some reason you want to transfer that conversation to your browser, here is how to do it

  • First go to web.wechat.com on your browser.
  • On the page that opens you will see a grey square filled with a matrix of black squares all over. That is the QR code.
  • You then have to scan that QR code with your smartphone. This is done by going to the WeChat menu bar on you handset and tapping on the Magic Wand icon at the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Once the QR code is scanned, you will be asked to confirm your request and then your handset will be temporarily synced with your computer.

Sor far as your mobile device is synced with your PC, you can either choose to continue the conversation on your computer. To stop the syncing you can just close the browser.

The simulator method (fast download)

The file used to install WeChat on a mobile device is not compatible with operating systems used on computers. That said one can rely on phone simulators to plays apps that are developed for smartphones. There are simulator softwares for most of the major mobile operating systems. Let’s look at some of them:

  • Simulator for Android devices

WeChat for Android devices can be obtained in an Apk file format. You can simply do a search for “WeChat Apk” to find links where you can download it. Here are some simulators you can rely on to play Apk apps on your PC.

- Bluestacks Software
- Windroy
- YouWave
- The Official Android Emulator (from Google)

Bluestacks is the most popular and works quite well with most Android apps. To use it, just download and install the software from the Bluestacks website. You can then use it to open the Android Apk file that you previously save on your desktop. The installation will take place via the simulator and from that point on, you should be able to use WeChat on your PC the same way you do on your mobile device. With Bluestacks, you should even be able to install many other Android apps by simply typing their name in the search bar already integrated into the software.

  • Simulator for iOS devices

There are simulators for iOS devices too. If you prefer to use them you will have to download iOS apps with the file extension .ipa. Here are some examples of iOS simulators you can rely on.

- Xcode (the official simulator from Apple)
- iPadian

Keep in mind that there are not many iOS simulators and the few that are around will required a professional to be able to run them. If you know what you are doing, you can go ahead and tried them.

WeChat can also be installed on other mobile operating systems like Windows Phone, Nokia Symbian and BlackBerry OS. If you intend to download the file format for those operating systems, you will have to look for the appropriate simulator to be able to play the app on your computer.

Advantage of using WeChat on a PC

The obvious advantage of using WeChat on the PC is the fact that you are going to be much faster at sending text messages. On top of that you are going to work on a screen much wider than that of your handset. The overall experience is just going to be better.

Aside from sending text messages back and forth, you should be able to send photos saved on your hard disk and have video chats as well without having to worry about the amount of data being consumed.

The bottom line is the hardware used for PC is clearly superior to that used in smartphones so it only makes sense to also use WeChat on your desktop when you are home. The mobile version of the app can be relied on when outside, in an environment where no PC is available. Download WeChat for PC today and enjoy using it.

To conclude: WeChat is a powerful app which is not just meant for Android users, but can be used across the board, on a range of devices – and certainly also your personal computer. It passed many reviews with flying colors for this very reason.

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  1. We have tested it now – and can confirm it works fine on several screen sizes. The voice quality is also great on PC, in fact some would say it is an improvement from Skype. So yes, Downloading Wechat for PC could provide a better user experience. Read some of our reviews regarding this option, tech enthusiasts love using their PC’s and Wechat together.

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