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Your iPad mini won’t turn on? Here are some tips to bring it back to life

Sites include . Published on August 21st, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

The iPad mini, just like any other portable gadget, as it gets older, eventually gets to the point where it might not function properly. Sometimes it may stop responding with the screen remaining black. In other cases the screen may show the icons but none of them seem to work. The good news is, having some technical issues with your iPad mini does not mean you should get rid of it. There is a chance you can still save the day by just trying some few tricks.. Here they are.

Restarting the device

A simple restart may do the trick. To Turn off your iPad mini, press and hold the on/off button for some few seconds till you see a red slider appear on the screen. You can then use your finger to slide on the screen from left to right for the handset to go off. To turn your iPad on, just press again on the on/off button till the Apple logo shows up. Live it like that for some few second for the device to boot.

Frozen screen

If for one reason or the other the screen of your iPad starts misbehaving or the icons on it don’t seem to be responding, one of the first thing to suspect is a buggy app. You need to ask yourself if you did not by mistake install any app that is causing this problem. The solution might simply be to remove the app. Think about the most recent app you downloaded or updated.. To remove any app, first double click on the home button for all of them to show and then hold your finger on the icon for the app you suspect until it wiggles. Then press the minus key at the corner of it. The app will be removed.

Resetting the device

If restarting your iPad didn’t work for you, it might be better to try a reset. For that you will need to press on the Home button and the on/off button for some few seconds until you see the Apple logo showing on the screen then you can release the buttons and allow the handset to reboot.

Something might be wrong with the battery

Is your iPad mini fully charged? The battery might be the problem. To be sure plug your device to a power outlet for about an hour and try to turn it on again. If this trick doesn’t solve the problem you can suspect something is wrong with the battery.

Restore the device

This should be the last option and you should try it only if all of the above didn’t work. Keep in mind that restoring your iPad will delete all you media, data and settings. Here is how it is done. You need to have iTunes installed on your computer. Connect the iPad to the desktop using your USB cable and launch iTunes. On the Summary tab, look for the “Restore” button and click on it. Hopefully everything should work fine after that.

If none of the above worked, it might be wiser to see a professional to assist you.

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