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iCloud and Google contacts: how to transfer between the 2 accounts

Sites include . Published on July 30th, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

Even if you are an Apple fan and use most of their gadgets it is impossible to isolate yourself in the iOS environment. You probably have different types of accounts like outlook or Gmail. In fact Gmail has become very popular when it comes to email service. Chances are you have some contacts in there as well as having other contacts in your iOS devices. It can be quite a challenge to manage all those separate emails and number so the best would be to merge them into one.

Here is an article that will show you how to transfer your friends’ from Gmail to iCloud and vice versa. With the contacts been exported to iCloud, it should then be easy to sync it to all your iOS devices.

Exporting from Gmail contacts to iCloud

You first need to launch your web browser and get into your Gmail account. There you have to look at the drop-down button next to the word “Gmail” at the upper left corner and click on it, then you can choose to go to the Contacts page. An easier way would be to click here

On the contact page click on the “More” tab for another drop down list to show and click on Export. From there you can export everything or just stick to to the group that really matters to you. There are different formats in which you can export the contacts. For this particular case select vCard format since it can be recognized by Apple apps.

After selecting the right document format you can now click on export and download the file into your hard disk.

Now that you have the file, you can go to iCloud on the same browser, click on “Contacts” and then choose “Import vCard”. A dialog box will open to allow you to search for the .vcf file you just saved on your computer. After selecting that file, the information inside will be imported to iCloud and that is it. All your contact from Google are now in iCloud.

What is left is that you now have to sync your Apple devices with iCloud and all the information in the cloud will be downloaded to the respective devices. Remember to turn on the sync for contacts by going to iOS: Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > iCloud; Mac: System Preferences > iCloud.

Exporting from iCloud to Google

Transferring to Google will require a similar process. You just have to download the vCard from iCloud through the browser. To do that, go to iCloud, click on “Contacts” then select the gear icon at the bottom right. Make sure all the contacts you want to export are also selected and then you can press on the “Export vCard” from the gear icon.

That vCard can then be imported to your Google account. Once again you just have to go to and from there click on More > Import. After the dialog box open go to the folder where you saved the vCard and select it. The information inside will then be uploaded.

That’s all there is about importing/exporting contact from Google and iCloud.

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