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How to make a backup of your Galaxy S4 contacts and SMS to an SD Card

Sites include . Published on July 12th, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

The phones we use have a certain amount of data that we can’t afford to lose. In today’s technological world we all move around with mini computers in our pockets and we use them to perform many task for which, in the past, we would have used a computer to do it. In the process there is a lot of important data that gets accumulated in the handset. One example of such data is our contacts numbers and the SMS received. You just can’t afford to lose the number of your key business partners. There is a way to make sure you never lose them. If you are using a Galaxy S4 phone, here is one way to create a backup for your contacts.

The Galaxy S4 uses an Android OS and the good news is that your contacts should already be saved in the cloud and linked to your Google account. Because everything you do on your Android device can be associated with your Google account you should be able to retrieve the phone numbers saved on your handset in case you lose it. If using another Android device you will just have to login with your username and password and by syncing it, the contact numbers should be back. But what if you can’t remember your Google account password. Whatever strategy you rely on there will always be a weakness somewhere. So having many different backups is better than having just one.

Having a local copy of your phone data on an SD card is also a good idea.

Transferring the contacts

It is quite easy to transfer phone numbers to an SD card. You will not need any special app to do that, just make sure the SD card is inserted. On the contact app press on the menu key and tap the Import/Export button and a window will popup with different options to choose from.

Because your intent is to transfer the contact information to your SD card, tap on “Export to storage”. A file of the extension .vcf will then be generated and saved into your memory card. That file which is mostly referred to as vCard is quite popular and can be open using many other applications like Mozilla thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook.

If you now want to import contact from the vCard file to another handset, just insert the memory card in that handset and choose to “import from storage”.

Creating a backup for messages

Transferring your handset messages to your SD card is not as simple compare to contact numbers. You will need a 3rd party app. There are many of them in the Google Play Store. An example of such apps is GoSMS. You can also use Super Backup. The procedure to create the backup might slightly differ depending on the app being used. So just pick one you are comfortable with. Try the free ones first and if you don’t like any of them you may also try the paid ones.

Once you have transferred files from your Android phone to your SD card you might also want to copy from your card and save it somewhere else. It is safer to have many different backups.

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