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Can’t create a new iCloud account: the maximum number of free accounts have been activated

Sites include . Published on July 9th, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

So you are trying to create an iCloud account and you keep bumping into some sort of error message saying: “Cannot sign in. The maximum number of free accounts have been activated on this iPhone.” . So you are wondering about what went wrong. Why are you not allowed to create that account? Well there is a reason for that and here is the explanation.

Creating an iCloud account is not as simple as creating an email with yahoo. You are free to create an unlimited number of emails. You can create as many as you want so far as you come up with a username that is not yet in use by any other person. When it comes to iCloud accounts you have to understand that the more accounts you open, the more space you are taking from the servers hosting it. By default any Apple device user that opens a free account with iCloud is given 5 GB of space. The servers hosting all those accounts can only accommodate a limited number. Of course Apple keeps increasing the amount of storage available as time goes by but ithe company also had to come up with a policy that allows the it to protect itself from those who want to abuse.

The policy

Any owner of an Apple device is only allowed to open up to 3 iCloud accounts at a time. So if you already have 3 of such accounts when you are trying to open a 4th one you will receive an error message to let you know that is not possible.

Even if you don’t remember creating the 3 accounts the fact is the cloud servers do take note of the accounts created based on the iOS device in use (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch). In that situation there is nothing you can do to trick the system to allow you to create a 4th account. Even after resetting the handset you will bump into the same problem.

Options available

If you remember the password for any of the 3 older accounts, just use them. Some use 3 account more like a strategy to have access to 3 x 5 GB of space. That said when it get to the point where you are getting out of space the only way out is to get rid of older files and replace them with newer ones. In case you can’t remember any of your older account passwords just go to and from there you will get instructions on how to recover them.

The other option is to get a new device. For example if you already have an iPhone, you can get yourself an iPad and create an iCloud account for that specific iPad. You may also create another account on your Mac. In each cases you can only create up to 3 accounts

The last option would be to go for a paid account. iCloud does offer a paid option that will require you to subscribe for a fee. You can create as many of those accounts as you want. If you need more space that will be the ultimate solution.

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