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Tips and tricks to impress your friends with your instagram pictures

Sites include . Published on June 29th, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

Instagram has turned out to be one favorite among app users. It allows friends on different social networks to share pictures with each other. If you want to join in the party you will need some few trick to get the amazing picture that you are looking for. Here are some few advises.

Default app first

Take pictures with the default app that came with the phone first. The fact is instagram comes with a lot of filters and as a starter you should rather have an image that is not filtered yet. With the default image been saved you can then play with the app and come up with different variations as you wish. Just remember that with the default camera app you may end up with a relatively bigger image that you will have to crop when switching to instagram.

Second photo editing app

With Instagram you get a lot of filters but you can do more with a real photo editing app. One good recommendation is Snapseed. That combination of this app with Instagram will enable you to come up with the best photo possible.

Lens accessory

With all the apps installed, the fact remains that lenses used on phones are not as good as those used on DSLR cameras. But you can improve on the quality with lens accessories. One recommendation is the Olloclip for the iPhone. In the case of Android phones instead of getting an accessory you can choose to invest in a Galaxy S4 Zoom, a phone with a real digital camera attached to it.

Combine multiple photos

To avoid getting repeating similar pictures and bore your friends you should rather combined them into one single picture using apps like Pic Stitch or Frame magic. They are more interesting to watch. In that same mindset don’t develop the habit of posting pictures of every single meal you eat. Everybody has tried that and it is too old school.

Slight blur and border removal

Before sharing a photo use the blur feature on certain portion of the image to give a better chance for the subject in it to get noticed. If you don’t like seeing borders on the picture you are trying to share, just hit the border icon to remove it.

Coming up with fresh idea

If you are lacking inspiration you can just look at the photos your friends are sharing to get some new ideas. Also you can follow the Instragram fanpage for recommendations by paying attention to their user highlights and weekly hashtag.

Saving the picture

By default, Instagram is for sharing pictures on social networks and the app is designed in a way that sharing has been prioritized. But you can find a way to save the picture on your handset after sharing it. From your profile, look at the icon “…” and tap on it, it is below the picture you’ve just taken. Among the options you are presented with tap “Copy Share URL.” You now just have to go to the web browser on your handset and paste that URL From there you can save it using the usual method.

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