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Track your car activities and drive safely with Dash

Sites include . Published on June 26th, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

As technology is getting smaller it is getting to the point where it becomes part of our clothing. You’ve probably heard of technology such as Fitbit and Nike Fuel Band that track the activity of the user all day long. Well another company saw an opportunity and invented something similar for cars and it is called Dash. Dash automatically records data that have to do with your driving habits in a way that you can always have access to it later on for evaluation.

The device is been developed by Dash Labs, a startup company that wants to come up with a an on-board diagnostic reader that the user can easily plug into his car’s port. The device can then track the vehicle in real time. Dash does not only records the movement of the car, it also takes note of the number of time you’ve been too hard on the brakes and when you were speeding. It can go as far as detecting if the airbag has been deployed and whenever that is the case it will automatically send a notification to emergency contact the user has set himself.

Jamyn Edis, co-founder and CEO of Dash told in an interview with journalist that his team has only scratched the surface of what can be done with the data collected. The CEO described Dash as a “Fitbit for cars” and added that the aim is to help people drive safely by getting a better track of their wear and tear as they get a real-time feedback. Aside that the device is going to be integrated with social features enabling drivers to share details about the road they’ve taken.

Edis added that this product is for the regular drivers that we all are.

For the meantime, Dash is still in beta stage but at least it has already been tried and tested on about 300 car models in the United States, France, Canada and elsewhere. About 15 million data point has been collected from drivers and according to the CEO the tool has already proven how useful it could be by detecting problem on some drivers engine before the engine light went on

Imagine a situation where a mechanic can easily know when something goes wrong with a customers’ car and offer him a fix in advance at and affordable price. It can be a way to make sure the car never breaks down since the situation can be foreseen in advance. That is the value proposition for the user.

Now that it is at a Beta stage Dash is accepting volunteers to sign up and try the product. If you are interested, just go to the website dash.by. Not all volunteers will be selected for the trials but it won’t cost you anything anyway.

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