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iOS 6: YouTube gone? How to use YouTube on iOS 6 devices

Sites include , . Published on June 8th, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

For those of you who upgraded your devices to iOS 6, you might have looked for the Youtube app in vain. It is just not there anymore. Apple didn’t only push away Google Map, it also let go of the Youtube app. That is not the end of it though since you can still the load another version from the App Store that is even better than the one that was integrated to the previous iOS.

Apple has lost the YouTube license and for that matter had to remove the app. That said you can still play video from the video website directly on your browser. But for those who are used to the app, they will admit that it offers a better user experience. Here are 2 tricks to help you bring back YouTube to your handset.

Accessing YouTube directly

You can play YouTube videos directly on your iPhone with the Safari browser without even having to install flash or any other software for that matter. To make life even easier, you can create an icon on your Home screen that will take you directly to the video site whenever you want. To do that first open the site on your browser and tap the arrow button on the left side of the address bar. A drop down window will pop up and on it you can select “Add to Home Screen”.

From that point on, the YouTube icon will always show on your Home screen and you can launch it anytime you want, the same way you would launch an app.

Installing YouTube on iOS 6

If you still prefer running the app itself it is up to you. Tap on the App Store icon and enter in the search bar “YouTube”. In most cases the app should appear first in the list of results. Tap on it and choose to install it. The latest version comes with many improvements that allow you to share videos on social media site but you might not be able to upload through it.

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How to upload to Youtube on iOS 6

Even though the option to upload may not be available on the YouTube app itself, you should still be able to upload directly from your handset by relying on other apps like iMovie or the Photos app. When you record a video on your iPhone, you can just choose to share it by tapping on the share icon and from there the option to share on YouTube will be made available.

You can choose which account the files should be sent to. All the upload options that were available on iOS 5 are there.

You can also upload through the old method, that is through your computer. Just transfer the file to your desktop and upload it the normal way.

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