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Does the adult industry intend to use Google Glass too

Sites include . Published on May 26th, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

The majority of the portable technology we are using, over time get re-appropriated to grant users some for of arousal. Some products, even though not originally designed to provide intimate pleasures, at the end of their life cycle are given an erotic use. Some products get attention right from the start and the time has arisen to check if the Google Glass is not one of those products.

Some journalists talked to professionals currently working in the adult industry to see if they already had ideas on how they could use the gadget to improve their products and services. Would the gadget really be a game changer?

The advantage of wearing the glass is that the viewer will feel immersed in the new world he finds himself in. According to Lee Roy Myers of, so far as the video quality is high and the footage interesting enough, the viewer can be offered a completely new POV experience. Because of the placement of the glass those shooting the moving can now go ahead and get shots that they could not take before. This is going to revolutionize the future of adult movies.

And again Google glass comes hands free. Alison Vivas, the president of the site Pink Visual sees it as a nice way to avoid distraction that can kill the mood of the viewer. There is a real business opportunity here. According to Vivas, if only it is possible to supply the Google Glass user with content that cannot be pirated that will be a huge opportunity for producers of this type of content. The fact is, today there are so many website offering adult content for free that the users just don’t feel the need to spend real cash on it anymore. The glass offers the opportunity for a completely new type of content that is relatively scarce for now.

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Jeff Dillon, the CEO of Gamelink which has been for over 20 years in the adult industry made this remark. His company is not an adult company but a technology company just like some sort of Amazon that offers adult products. So his expectation for the glass is that it should offers the viewer the ability to identify toys used in intimate scenes and give him the chance to buy them straight away as he is still online. He hopes for some sort of in app purchase option.

Let’s not forget the actors themselves who play a key role in the whole business. Joanna Angel is an entrepreneur that has been in the industry for 10 years now. She is currently running a website called Burning Angel. When asked the question to know if one could get so bored to the point he would watch a movie on Google Glass and have intercourse at the same time, she said that would be like having intimate pleasure in the movie theater which is cool.

When asked if she thought Google Glass will be adopted by the general public, her answer was, for every new invention, if it sticks, the adult industry will find a way to use it. It is just a matter of time.

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