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iCloud: How to reset Photo Stream

Sites include . Published on May 1st, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

If you have the latest iOS installed on your handset and set up iCloud successfully, you probably already know the power of Apple’s Photo Stream. The iCloud service was designed to sync all your Apple products with the cloud but with the Photo Stream it gives you a chronological display of all the pictures on all your devices immediately the picture is taken. Let’s say you took the photo on your iPod touch, you can view it on your desktop and your laptop simultaneously.

The advantage of this feature is that you will never lose any of your pictures since they are in the cloud. So when you lose your phone, you wouldn’t worry about the lost files. But what if you are sharing your desktop with many other family members and you take an embarrassing picture of yourself. By the time you remember you shouldn’t have shared the photo, on your PC, it might be tool late, the whole family might have seen it. iCloud might be a personal hosting service but generally we tend to remain logged in even when outside.

By default photographs taken are deleted after 30 days or when the threshold of 1000 has been reached. In case you just feel like there are pictures in your Photo Stream that you don’t want anybody to see you can simply choose to clear out the stream. That is called resetting the stream.

How to reset the Photo Stream
You will have to sign in to iCloud on your computer. On the homepage that appears, click on your name. In case your name is not showing you should click on the iCloud logo at the top left corner of the page.

Click advanced

The Reset Photo Stream button will now show. You can click on it but keep in mind that once you reset it, all your photos will be removed from iCloud and you can’t recover them. That said you can reupload them later on if you have already saved them somewhere else.

Also if your uplodad images where already synced to other devices like laptop, desktop and iPad, you have to make sure they are all connected to the net for the resetting to take effect on them. Other than that the pictures might still remain there until the device gets connected. So the advise is to check all your synced devices to make sure the photos are completely gone. If not, you will have to delete them manually.

On the PC
By default the Photo Stream on the Personal Computer is saved at C:UsersApplePicturesPhoto StreamMy Photo Stream. You can go to that folder and manually delete the pics. If you remember saving that folder somewhere else, it is up to your to find it and delete it.

On the Mac
If you notice some of the deleted pics are left on your Mac, to manually remove them, you may have to use iPhoto or Aperture. Just select the pictures you want deleted and hit the delete button.

Turning off the Photo Stream
On iOS devices you can also choose to just turn off the stream rather than deleting the pictures. Go to Settings > iCloud > Photo Stream and toggle it off. From that point on the photos will not be accessible until you turn the stream back on.

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