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The 10 other million dollar tech company you didn’t know exist

Sites include . Published on April 22nd, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

There have been rumors about Dell going private so that it will not need Wall Street to revamp itself. Dell will probably not be the first tech company to go private. Did you know there are such companies in the background, quietly making their millions of dollars without getting noticed? Who are those biggest enterprises under the radar?

By just looking and paying attention to certain popular list like the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s lists, the Forbes list of America’s Largest Private Companies and the Inc. 500 you will find out that there are companies out there making huge incomes that you never heard of. Here they are.

World Wide Technology
This company headed by James Kavanaugh makes about $4.1 billion in revenues. It specialty is system integration. It acts as a tech consultant assisting companies whenever they want to roll out enterprise size projects like VMware software and secure networks.

There are about 1,800 workers in there. Taking into account the revenues generated, it is no surprise it was named one of the 100 best companies to find yourself in. It is based n St Louis

SHI International
Originally known as Software House International, SHI International has turned itself into an online market place for big enterprises looking for heavy tech equipments that have to do with servers, cloud computers and printers and so on. Based in Somerset with Thai Lee as the CEO, its makes about $4.5 billion in revenues

You probably thought there were only Amazon, eBay and bestbuy dominating the online market. Well SHI is also there quietly making a significant amount. The company also acts as a consultant for businesses willing to invest in cloud computing. With over 2,000 employees, it is one of the largest tech business run by a woman.

Infor is quietly turning itself into a dominant app business earning up to $.2.8 billion. Some estimate the company to be worth $16.1 billion. Its headquarters is in New York and it is headed by Charles Philips. He already has a lot of experience in software as he worked in Oracle as President.

One of the reasons you probably never heard of this company is because it grows by acquiring other smaller companies. So it is basically made of a set of different small companies working under one same umbrella. Each set serves a specific business niche.

Zones is a company into the sales of computer related hardware with the difference that it is also involved in the installation and maintenance of the equipment. This strategy has enabled it to claim $1 billion in sales.

The fact is certain businesses require special installation when they are working with complex stuff like Cisco networking and tech instruments that have to do with virtualization.

The CEO of this company Firoz Lalji was born in Uganda. He first started out with a retail store chain Kit Cameras. He took the job of CEO at Zones after selling his own company in 1997.

You may not have heard of this company but it is an important player when it comes to cloud computing and web hosting services. The company is led by Lance Crosby with its headquarters in Dallas Tex. It made around $400 million in revenue in 2012, up from $300 it made in 2011.

It’s been reported that EMC and IBM are fighting over acquire this business which is now worth $2.8 billion.

This company has over 55,000 valuable business customers for it payment processing service it offers for point of sale machines. It develops software used in terminal businesses and other cash registers. With Chuck Smith as the CEO, it makes $214 million in revenues. The headquarters is found in Newark, Calif.

There is a growing number of companies that need assistance in the management of their data scattered in different cloud computers. Datapipe is there to help. Headed by Robb Allen the company works with Amazon’s cloud aside having its own cloud space. It is now worth $2 billion with a yearly revenue of $200 million.

Intelligent Software Solutions

Based in Colorado Springs, Intelligent Software Solutions offers its services to government agencies to better manage their data and turn it into a much more comprehensive infographic that can be easily read. If also offers mapping software very much used by spy agencies and the military. Its yearly income is around $166 million. Jay Jesse is the CEO.

Urban Science
This company was founded by Jim Anderson in 1977. He is still the CEO 35 years later. Originally the professor from Wayne State University came up with a mathematical formula that could help the brand Cadillac to improve on it sales. The services of the company are now requested by many auto maker businesses worldwide.

Urban Science now makes around $126 million yearly out of its business analysis software.

This tech company describes itself as “a collective brain of technologists and consultants.”. Led by Daniel Adamany as the CEO, it assists companies make the best use of their tech equipments like data centers and networks. Out of that it makes $125.3 million.

As you can see, a company doesn’t have to be that famous to make millions of dollars. There are many other companies out there making a good deal of money under the radar and the employees are getting a good share of it. If you are a tech person looking for a job, you can target some of these companies. There is no need to hope to work for Facebook of Google before you can get a good paycheck.

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