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Yahoo reabsorbs 5 of its old employee by acquiring their company

Sites include . Published on March 26th, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

It seems Yahoo is willing to do anything in its power to bring back its former employees. Ever since Marissa Mayer became the CEO, the company is trying to reenergize itself. For the past few months it has sent invitation letters to some key former employees to let them know that they were welcome back into the company. Apparently this strategy didn’t have much success but Yahoo won’t just give up. This time the tech company was able to reabsorb 5 of its former workers by acquiring their company.

Jybe is a mobile startup company that started 2 years ago after 3 Yahoo employees decided to move out and build something on their own. The mobile app was designed to help users find interesting places to eat or discover things to do via personalized recommendation. Yahoo has announced on Twitter that it acquired the company and welcomed back its former workers namely Arnab Bhattacharjee, Tim Converse, Christian Kunz, Sameer Paranjpye, and Karthik Krishnamurthy.

Arnab Bhattacharjee was actually the Vice President of Yahoo Search Technology back in the days. In an interview he had with Darell Etherington of techcrunch, he said it was Yahoo’s desire to invest into personalized recommendation in a big way. Through the experience acquired building Jybe, the 5 former employees have learned a lot about the use of search scale techniques taking into consideration the data and the large-scale engineering required to manage the different signals that will allow for real personalization. It is now time for them to take that knowledge acquired and apply it to Yahoo.

The trend online seems to be that newly started companies tend to be absorbed by bigger ones. Jybe is one example that confirms the rule and what usually follows up is the shutting down of the startup for its employees to focus on other issues. Those who were already used to that service have been promised to be offered a tool that will allow them to download their data. At the end of the day, the acquisition of Jybe rather had to do with bringing back the 5 employee back to Yahoo. But according to Bhattacharjee, the technology will still be integrated into Yahoo’s core pieces. Yahoo knows social has become a key component that drive the success of a website and it wants to personalize its website for various reasons.

Bhattacharjee and Yahoo! Did not disclose information related to the cost of the acquisition. Jybe is the latest acquired company ever since Yahoo started going for startup companies after Marissa Mayer became CEO last July. The previous acquisition was the NYC-based Stamped last year in October.

Details on how Yahoo is going to integrate the new startup company on its website have not been disclosed. But its been speculated that Jybe will probably play an important role considering the fact that Yahoo also wants to enter the online social world. The problem is, for now, Yahoo has integrated Facebook into its homepage. It is quite difficult to think of a Jybe-specific feature anytime soon but the assumption is in the near future we might see features on the Yahoo page that remind of Jybe.

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