The CAT B15 android smartphone is made to survive all kinds of shocks

Sites include . Published on March 1st, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

Everybody wants to have the latest phone but there are some that just can’t handle their expensive gadget for long, destroying it just some months after purchasing it. If you are that kind of person then this phone can be useful to you, it will last much longer irrespective of the treatment you give it. The Caterpillar branded phone, CAT B15, is a phone running Android OS that has been designed specifically to withstand destruction. Its outer case is made of Aluminium and rubber clad that allows negligent users to abuse it any way they want to.

We all know Caterpillar to be a company that only focuses on manufacturing engines and bulldozers. Actually they have not switched businesses and they didn’t produce that phone. The actual company licensed to produce it is the U.K. based company Bullitt Mobile. It is a company that focuses of manufacturing these kind of rugged mobile devices that can withstand certain types of extreme treatment.

This phone is not the snappiest out there with its dual-core 1GHz Qualcomm processor but the power it offers is enough to run basic daily tasks. The company manufacturing it has stripped the Android OS of the cumbersome UI and that enables the device to perform quite well.

It is not that obvious to have a fair idea of how tough this handset is. You can assume that it is completely dust and waterproof with its second generation 4 inch Gorilla Glass covering the screen. A device like this in the hand usually gives the feeling of throwing it up just for the sake of seeing how much shock it can deal with. As you would expect the handset is quite chubby and yet much lighter than you would think. This kind of handset is definitely going to attract curious eyes whenever somebody takes it out of his pocket.

Even when it is wet, the 4-inch display recognizes touch. It might not be a good idea to hurl the thing like a baseball but you can allow it to fall in a bucket of water. Again it doesn’t mean you should just enjoy your free time throwing your phone here and there. Just know that it’s been made to withstand those events for a number of times but if you abuse of it you may regret it. Take note that this device, though waterproof, should not be taken deeper that 1 meter under water.

If you are the kind of person that has already broken several smartphones just because of your lifestyle, this handset can be of great use. We all know how expensive a mobile device cost nowadays and it wouldn’t be a great idea to be spending that much every few months just because you broke the previous handset. You should be able to keep the B15 for a couple of years until a really better phone comes out. The tough handset should be available in March of this year and will go for a price of €395 (approximately $520). Still a considerable investment but worth it.

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