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Chromebook Pixel: Google’s laptop of the future

Sites include . Published on February 22nd, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

Yesterday, Google surprised the world with its brand new groundbreaking laptop, the Chromebook PIxel. It comes with touchscreen capabilities, an extremely high resolution display and a powerful chipset. Google’s new laptop will be available for shipping this coming April. There are 2 versions of the laptop users can choose from, the basic model with Wi-Fi only and the other model that comes with an additional superfast LTE network.

The price of these 2 models clearly shows that this laptop is not for everybody. It goes for $1299 for the basic model and $1499 for the one that comes with the LTE network. Google made it clear in a press conference that this type of laptop was not designed with every user in mind, it was designed for those who live in the cloud.

Chrome based laptops are not necessarily for professionals who are into graphic design, animation and engineering but it could be the best laptop for those into article writing and social media experts.

Google’s latest laptop features a Gorilla Glass Screen with a resolution of 4.3 million pixels. The 12.85 touch-sensitive screen works out to 239 pixels per inch. Technically this is twice the average screen of a windows laptop. Even the MacBook Retina is left behind.

The Chromebook Pixel is shipped with an i5 processor, an SD card slot that can automatically upload pictures to Google plus and a battery that Google claims can run for at least 5 hours when running QuickOffice which has been integrated into the browser. Even though the laptop is designed for those who live on the cloud it still has a feature that enable users to work offline and the uploads will queue for later.

When it comes to the design, one can see that Google took the time to carefully think about every detail concerning this laptop. Another PC manufacturer was involved in the design by the name was not divulged. Just by the look of it one can see that much thought was put into the design. The laptop has 3 microphones, 2 next to the camera and another laser microphone under the keyboard. The idea is to make sure that even when typing during a video conference call, the sound of the fingers hitting the keys is not even heard. With respect to that design Google’s intent was to make sure the hardware disappears.

Sundar Pichai, the Senior Vice President of Chrome mentioned that the fact that Pixel comes with a touchscreen does not imply that Google is necessarily going to integrate its Android iOS system into the machine. That said it is his hope that in the future, web developers start coming out with interfaces that are touch-sensitive. This will enable content shown on Pixel to be indistinguishable from Android.

Pichai believes that touch is here to stay and in the future, most laptop will be designed with touch screens. He mentioned that some tests run at Google show that users, pretty quickly started replacing the touchpad. It may seems strange at first but as the day-to-day online experience keeps changing, user adapt.
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